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    vamp23 reacted to Embo in Just Arrived.   
    Hello all. I'm new here and hopefully will be able to add something worthwhile to the Forum.
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    vamp23 reacted to NICOLE in Currency For Norway   
    I went in 2013 and only took Norwegian Krona
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    vamp23 reacted to Captain Kidd II in Currency For Norway   
    I ony took Euros. The rate is 12 kroner to the pound or 9 to the Euro. Bergan market happily accepted euros.
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    vamp23 reacted to Land Ahoy in Currency For Norway   
    Hi  Many tourist cafes/attractions/shops will accept Euros although any change will be given in Norwegian Kroner so it's a good idea to take small denomination notes.  Also credit cards are widely if not universally accepted.  I have only once not been able to use Euros and that was for the rack and pinion railway in Bergen but they take credit cards so it wasn't a problem.
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    vamp23 reacted to cruise chef in Currency For Norway   
    It is still the Kroner and as other forum members have already noted an expensive place to eat & drink out so just exchange the once, current ates are above 11 per pound so this has increased  quite a lot as it ued to be under 10 to the pound, have a great trip!!
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    vamp23 reacted to sinbad10 in Currency For Norway   
    My advice is to take some Norwegian Kronor with you in advance especially if you want to purchase small items or use public toilets. Would never use Euros because Norway is already very expensive in their own money using Euros the exchange rate will be in their advantage making it even moreso.
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    vamp23 reacted to Cast ashore in Currency For Norway   
    Hi vamp23, Sapsford11 may be able to help you there as he currently live in Norway.
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    vamp23 reacted to BrianI in Currency For Norway   
    The currency is Norwegian Kroner. If you change from pounds to euros and then to kroner, you incur two transaction charges compared to changing straight from pounds to kroner. Whilst many places may accept euros, you will lose on the exchange. You can withdraw kroner from any ATM using a UK debit card.
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    vamp23 reacted to cruise chef in Dynamic Dining U-Turn   
    I think Dynamic is a great concept but trying to roll this out on a mass scale is probably a step to far, its good that they havent abandoned it altogether and hopefully in time they can iron out the well documented faults, a bit like the early pioneers of freedom dining which now seems more acceptable to most
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    vamp23 got a reaction from rah in Shore Excursions Canary Islands   
    We did the Canaries cruise .  The only excursions we booked was Loro Park for the kids , like Tinkerbell it is well worth it.  Then the Timanfaya national Park, other than that we walked into Lisbon , Funchal , etc and found it very easy.
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    vamp23 got a reaction from RiverSong in #hottestdayoftheyear   
    I am on Azura in August to the Fjords dont think I am gonna having problems with burning
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    vamp23 reacted to doratheexplorer in Are The Canary Islands An Exotic Desination?   
    I have never thought of the Canary Islands as being " exotic " but after watching Bear Grills ( with Jonathan Ross ) exploring one of the Islands I have changed my mind, I admit that there is nothing exotic about the beaches or the resorts but travel a few miles inland and it's a different story with volcanic land scapes, dense forests and wild life, it certailnly opened my eyes.
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    vamp23 reacted to hturtle in Are The Canary Islands An Exotic Desination?   
    when i was a club 18-30 rep running bar crawls down the veronicas strip, that made the magaluf carnage look tame, i often used to think how exotic it was
    I genuinaly think it is my favorite place in the world so yes it is
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    vamp23 reacted to Alanarandall in Virgin Cruises: The People’S Cruise Ship?   
    Saw Mr Branson on the Andrew Marr show this morning, which he used as a platform to tell the people of Britain to vote to stay in the EU, please Mr Branson put your money where your mouth is after having just read that Virgin cruises will operate out of Miami, and how many of your planes fly to EU destinations. In my opinion Being based in Miami can only mean one thing Virgin Cruises will be geared for the U.S. market and we have all seen what that is doing to Cunard and P&O.
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    vamp23 reacted to RiverSong in #hottestdayoftheyear   
    With temperature’s set to reach 30 degrees, we're just waiting for trains to be cancelled, chaos on the roads and the annual hose pipe ban.  But on a more serious note the elderly, young and even our pets can all struggle with this sort of heat, Britton is just not used it!  So apart from the usual recommendations of sunscreen, keeping hydrated and staying in the shade what advice can you give for keeping cool.  I have even heard on the radio this morning that getting someone to lick your wrists can cool you down (very strange concept!).  I’m on a Caribbean Cruise later on in the year might even pick up some tip for my very pale skinned partner who unlike me is not used to so much vitamin D.

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    vamp23 reacted to ron in Brit Icons!   
    The way this country falls over backwards to help all and sundry except there own. Sorry for being so negative but this is the way I feel about my country at the moment 
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    vamp23 reacted to dancefloordemon in Early Saver Rip Off   
    I can understand the fustration,  but why on earth would anyone attend a passenger meeting just to ruin thier own holiday?
    Would you stand outside SCS and discuss the fact someone got a sofa cheaper than you, no.
    So why unnecessarly fustrate yourself whilst on board, sort it when youre home.
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    vamp23 reacted to Annieuk in Bad Publicity   
    Just imagine what the publicity would have been if the Doctor had agreed to the family's request and allowed the patient to stay on the ship and then she had died when on board. There would have been an outcry - I can just see the Headlines - Doctor failed to get the patient to hospital which would be fully equipped to deal with the situation - Would this patient have died? All the Doctor can do is what he/she feels is in the patient's best interest. I think P&O were dammed whatever was decided.
    As for someone cancelling a cruise because of a one-sided report I can't believe anyone would do that. It's like reading a bad review of a cruise and then deciding to cancel an cruise already booked. I know I've read reviews of cruises I've been on and I often wondered if we had been on the same cruise!
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    vamp23 reacted to Oldworldtraveller in Bad Publicity   
    Yes there are two sides to every story and all the assumptions are being made after only hearing one of them. In the first case not P&O but a qualified doctor made the decision to transfer the patient as they thought it in the patients interest. If anyone disagrees with their decision I trust they are a qualified doctor and in full possession of all the facts.
    With the second case it should be remembered that Norovirus usually only lasts for 48 hours which is why it is known as the '48 hour vomiting bug'. To have this and chest infections for 18 days seems somewhat excessive and perhaps there was more to it. I have seen many people taken off ships with illness but have never seen anyone struggle with luggage and that includes P&O. Indeed the crew usually go that extra mile and even help with the packing.
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    vamp23 got a reaction from RiverSong in The Queen Of Baking Joins P&o!   
    Paul Hollywood yes please
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    vamp23 reacted to Bumble Bee in New Year   
    I would love to be in Sydney for new year. its on my bucket list. hopefully next year
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    vamp23 reacted to cruise chef in New Year   
    I'll just celebrate at sunny Centre Parcs, I'm sure it will feel like the caribbean at the spa sauna!!!!!!
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    vamp23 reacted to KeithnRita in New Year   
    This will be our 11th time to be on the high seas at New Year. We will be in Nassau, Bahamas on NYE.

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    vamp23 reacted to J-Dog in Bbc Sports Personality Of The Year 2014   
    Too many haters in the world!!
    I think I must be missing the point here… 
    Lewis Hamilton started Karting at the age of 8 spent over 10 years mastering his driving ability and winning numerous awards and accolades throughout his Karting career, with one goal, to become an F1 driver and the best in the world.
    He then raced through Formula Renault, Formula 3 & GP2 before then starting his career as an F1 driver!
    Hes won the world championships, he's beat every single team mate he has raced with on points (apart from Jenson Button) and has racked up more victories in F1 than any other British driver, EVER!
    This is one determined man, yes the car is built to run and drive to the best it possibly can but NO WAY can the car alone take credit for all that!
    Someone with great talent and skill still has to sit in that seat and be able to drive it and make sure they win!!
    ​So personally I say Mr. Lewis Hamilton, stand up and take a bow! A well deserved win!
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    vamp23 reacted to Land Ahoy in Virgin Cruise Lines   
    Hi  Question - will the first sailing of each ship be a maiden or virgin voyage?
     In addition I hope it's more sea worthy than his spacecraft is air/space safe! 
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