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  1. vamp23

    P&O New Ship name

    Good use of vowels but not so good for a game of scrabble
  2. vamp23

    P&O New Ship name

    Something royal I would guess or Olympia ? Any idea when we will get the itineraries. Hope its something different or more Greece and Adriatic or maybe Croatian Coast line
  3. vamp23

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas
  4. vamp23

    BRAND NEW Celebrity Edge in Europe for 2019

    just wish it would do round trip Southampton
  5. vamp23

    Briksdal Glacier then & now

    I went there in June 2007 , stunning. Well worth the hike up there with a push chair lol !
  6. I am going on a cruise soon and someone has mentioned to me that you can pay a small amount of deposit onboard but do not have to book anything , then it gives you little perks when you do book something when you get home . Has anybody else done this and is it worth it.
  7. what gets my back up is kids have 6 weeks off school , easter hold , may and october half term breaks but then they still have individual Inset days
  8. I do like the idea of a watch as we have just come back from an All Inclusive package holiday and normally we have wrist bands (which yes you do get tan lines) however I found a card quite annoying as you have to remember to pick it up if you are not taking your purse or wallet out which on a cruise you do not need , and as Popsicle says we always seem to get the dodgy card that never opens the room
  9. vamp23

    Jane Mcdonald goes cruising @

    Im not really a Jane Macdonald fan (ie her singing) however I am loving the series. She is actually quite funny and showing how much fun cruising can be. Favourite ones so far is Viking Star and MSC
  10. vamp23

    How much did you pay???!!

    Why do people only do it on cruises as I have never been asked or know of people being asked on normal package holidays. Ive been asked what job I do I just saying either Inland Revenue or tax inspector they soon shut up
  11. I use Holiday Extras Insurance which are reasonable
  12. vamp23

    Not so much a rant .....

    You should be lucky its only £75 - £100 . thomas cook charged me £200
  13. vamp23

    Not so much a rant .....

    Its not just cruises its package holidays as well. I transferred my deposit to an alternative with an admin charge to save my deposit,
  14. vamp23

    Britannia 16/7/17

    can definately recommend Sindhu and the glass house, also the Beach House in the evening does the best steak on a lava rock. If children going the kids clubs are very good. The only thing we didnt get chnace to do was the Cookery School.
  15. vamp23

    Britains Got Talent

    First time ive blarted at Britains Got Talent how good was the choir for families with missing children . What a clever idea talent plus raising awareness in one act.
  16. vamp23

    RIP Mr Bond

    So sad Roger Moore has passed away I was only watching him at the weekend in Man with the Golden Gun . Gutted
  17. vamp23

    Agent of the year 2017

    good luck poppy x
  18. vamp23

    Britannia Weekender!!

    Have a good time on Britannia - let yourself go !!!
  19. vamp23

    MSC from Southampton, good idea or leave well alone?

    Personally I have never tried them but my Aunty who normally travels P&O went with a group of her friends as the itinerary was better than P&O and she raved about them . She went with an open mind as the prices were very good and she was really surprised when she got onboard she said the ships facilities were good the balcony was larger than expected and the food was very good even in the buffet. From what I have seen of up and coming new ships I think they have upped their game. Go for it
  20. vamp23

    Princess Cruises Fined

    Omg I wonder how much that has cost them .
  21. I havent done it on Cunard but I have on P&O. If you are unsure of what you want to book , you pay £50 pp at the sales desk onboard. This gets added to your Penninsular club number so when you book a cruise either direct or thru and agent the £50 pp gets taken off your deposit and you still benefit from the extra Onboard credit . But it does depend on how long your cruise is for on the amount but its very good. I presume Cunard work the same way.
  22. We went to Zia in the hills it has the most amazing sunsets and Kos Town has a lovely Town square where all the locals go and plenty of nice cafes around it. Down side there was a McDonalds in Kos Town but only a small one . Love Kos we were to go there again this year but having to change due to my husbands job hours being cut . Enjoy . Oh and also when we were there the Star Clipper ships were in or as my son calls them ghost/pirate ships
  23. Welcome to the forum and thank you for the feedback on Celebrity
  24. Hi, I’ve been looking at a few Azamara cruises lately and I really like the look of the cruise line as i feel it will suit me and my partner well but the one thing that concerns me is the cabins. I’ve read they are small in comparison to other lines and considering it’s not a small amount of money to cruise with Azamara, I wondered if anyone could offer any advice on this? Are they that small or is it just a case of negative comments that I should ignore?
  25. Thank you for that Little Mermaid so true I suppose