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    ijfraser got a reaction from DavidH in Santorini   
    Thank you Ian
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    ijfraser got a reaction from B&M in Was P&O better before Carnival took over?   
    In one word YES/////////////////////////////
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    ijfraser got a reaction from DavidH in River Douro   
    I would favourably compare anything on Viking with any ship I have been on. Almost 30 cruises from Canberra to Azura.
    The whole ambiance is so much more relaxed.
    No airline style security getting on or off. The Mateus tour for example they spit us into groups off 10 instead off trying to get every one through as one group things like that make a huge difference. Cold drinks and refreshing towels on return from trips etc.
    I could  go on but I think you will get the picture
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    ijfraser reacted to Land Ahoy in Cruising Experience   
    Hi  I have only conducted two river cruises and one was with Viking.  I enjoyed both, The Viking cruise (Rhine) was more expensive but the food was much better than my on Nile cruise (Thomson).  The emphasis is on the destinations rather than the facilities/entertainment offered onboard.  As you are aware river cruising is more expensive than ocean cruising but more is included (excursions, drinks etc).  If you have extensive ocean cruising experience the "new" destinations offered on river cruises offer a welcome relief to the same ports most ocean cruise lines visit.  If you don't seek lively evening entertainment then I cannot see any reason why you wouldn't enjoy this type of vacation.
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    ijfraser got a reaction from cruzwithkidz in Support For Philippines Typhoon Appeal   
    I am glad we are doing what we can. We had a collection yesterday in church and again next Sunday and from what I saw it was all paper money.
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    ijfraser got a reaction from blondie in Philippine Relief   
    If everybody who has been served on a cruise ship by Filipino staff were to donate to the appeal what an amazing amount could be raised.
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    ijfraser reacted to samfox01 in Why do people moan about using the hand gel onboard   
    i bet people dont moan when they have to go into a hospital and use the hand gel?
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