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  1. Thank you all just as I thought. will stay in Villefranche nice place Ian
  2. Hi has anyone done the cruise that has F1 monaco on the agenda? If so do P+O DO SHUTTLES TO M IanONACO FROM VILLEFRANCHE as I am not able to stand or sit all day but would like to go into Monaco for a shot time to enjoy the atmosphere.
  3. Thank you now I know how the system now works Ian
  4. Does the new rules on gratuities mean that they are included in the fare?
  5. Can you just go ashore in Santorini/ or is it advisable to do a tour. We are both not as fit as we were. Ian
  6. Has anyone been on Oceana since refit or is it finished? Ian
  7. Has anyone been on Oceana since refit or is it finished? Ian
  8. Been cruising with P&O for 25 years and are thinking next one will be the last. We had serious concerns o our last cruise and after six weeks after writing still awaiting answer.Since Carnival took over it has been a downward spiral. This may be the last straw.Ian
  9. Heard le club changing to speciality restaurant.could Also loosing cafe Jardin (Hope not)
  10. Do Alla tours much easier than ship ones. they do all the paper work and use 16 seater mini buses and you have no queuing at venues and sometimes in before official opening times. You book online and don`t pay until the second day. Ian
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