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    walking , reading , cats. gardening , searching the webb for my next cruise deal
  1. anyone else been on britannia trying to find their cabin on the first day when they decide to have tours round the ship, it felt like a sale at harrods , corridoors were manic

  2. i was on the azura in may 2013 and can confirm i saw lots of ladies in long dresses , have fun
  3. just seen your comment on ladies of a certain age , as im one of them i agree with you and i do cover up my flabby arms i wish all the men with large beer guts would learn to hold them in then we would all look lovely, you too will be old one day i hope you keep your flabby flesh hidden under your tux
  4. hi ncl sun ncl jewel p&o azura ncl jade the reason for jade coming last is we found the decor very loud and garish
  5. hi , joined yesterday , hopeing for tips from anyone , why i like ncl better than p&o , as we prefer to choose when and where to dine i think ncl comes top , the staff were excellent on ncl , we found the staff on the p&o azura only just polite and they looked like they were not happy in their jobs, the buffet on ncl is excellent much more choice than p&o , although the food in the better restuants on p&o we could not fault, the entertainment on ncl we found better, the cabin on p&o gets the top vote from me as i think the layout is better, i would love to hear anyo
  6. it wasnt untill my second cruise with NCL that i found out that if you wanted water with you evening meal they would bring bottled water at a price , but if you ask for tap water it comes in a jug with ice and lemon free of charge , and i could not taste the difference why cant they give you the choice when you ask for water at meal times ?
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