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  1. Yes midshipman you have the gist of my opinion BUT I object to being told how much to pay for my gratuities. As stated tipping is personal and I have always tipped but object to paying part of the crews wages even though they are always marvellous. I object to having my receipts marked opted out also. Personal choice is what it should be. If you read my original posts you would would see that I said that P&O should increase their fares and give the quality that they used to. For 20 years I thought I would never say that but the last few cruises with them on various ships the staffing
  2. I agree with you whole heartily.👍
  3. Yes perhaps P&O were only putting Opted Out on your paying slip as a trial but my colleague on Arcadia a few weeks was mortified. A very nice person who would not leave the ship without some form of tipping to various staff, as some people have stated! Once again I state include the gratuities in the price, or pay all the staff a proper wage. if I went on a seven week cruise as I was lucky enough to do just once and I paid the gratuities for 2 people it would be £735 on top of bar bills shop and trips etc. If that amount was included in the price I would not know and just accept the c
  4. Thankyou dancing queen. i joined the forum purely to air my views on the gratuities policy. Not normally aroused too much about tips but felt strongly enough about this topic.
  5. What!!!! How can P&O ask anyone to reconsider the gratuities they pay. Tips are for service received after the service is given. As for stamping the receipts revive as opted out well that beggars belief. Sorry P& O but after 11 cruises with you and my first one on Saga you have definitely lost a customer. Our last cruise on Arcadia was a really bad. Poor food, indifferent service and a very run down ship. Why not do as Saga do and include gratuities in the price, and much more. Alright perhaps the initial outlay would look more expensive but you know what you are paying for which when
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