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  1. No but I want to! I saw a cruise and stay through Bolsover advertised on Facebook earlier this week and it looked great. Having looked at the choices they offer, there's a good range of options on there site. I didn't even know they offered that type of holiday. I thought it was strictly cruises only with Bolsover so that's interesting to know now.
  2. My answer to this topics question would be "yes". They've already fallen behind in my opinion, in fact there in danger of falling even further behind if they don't buck their ideas up soon. By that I'm talking about their ships. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, NCL are all what I'd say to be rivals of P&O and they're all producing ships of a much higher standard than P&O. They need to sort things out quick or they'll continue to look like a second-rate choice, which is a shame considering their past.
  3. It's certainly a retirement plan I'd be up for! She's clearly well-thought of on there to for them to go to the lengths they have for her.
  4. Just out of interest Cruise Chef, when you say they were very helpful, did they offer you an alternative menu to choose from or was it pointing out options on the normal evening menu that they could do gluten free for you?
  5. Interesting topic. I'm gluten free too Cruise Chef and I've found some cruise lines better than others. Thanks for sharing about Viking.
  6. I stumbled across this today and it's brilliant. I don't blame this woman one bit. She basically had a choice between a care-home like facility or opting to see the world day-in-day-out. Obviously finances were not an issue so she went for it. With Crystal as well! Not a bad cruise line to spend a few years on. She's sat at the same table for nine years on board and they've even made adjustments to her cabin for her to accommodate her needs. It's fantastic and fair play to her. I can't fault her. It's an article on Forbes - https://www.forbes.com/sites/debbikickham/2018/04/23/how-to-
  7. I think it's a clever addition by MSC and shows their willingness to move with the times. It'll definitely be customised for cruising purposes and they must see a benefit to doing it otherwise why commission it at all? If it can book restaurants, entertainment etc then it'll be pretty cool to see. It might be a music player too just like Alexa and they might have their own music library created. They can then add 'skills' to it like with Alexa so it could be a really clever feature.
  8. “Hey Alexa, order me another cocktail...” Hi, I'm new to the forum but I've been cruising for a few years. Just joined the Bolsover club though after a recommendation from some friends and thought i'd give the forum a look. This MSC news is something I like! I’ve just read that MSC Cruises are installing Alexa like technology in every cabin on board. They’re bringing it in from next year on MSC Bellissima but then will add it to the other ships too afterwards. Apparently it even stores the data you tell it so once you’ve used it, it remembers what you like, even if you go
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