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  1. Hi, We're considering a P&O cruise that spends 2 days in Ijmuiden. I think I've read that the shuttle bus to Amsterdam is running much more smoothly now? However, I'm wondering... Is there anything to do in Ijmuiden itself? What sort of shore excursions are available from Ijmuiden - I've looked on the P&O website and can't find any information. Thanks,
  2. Hi all, We're off on a cruise next week that docks in Lisbon. I'm struggling to find out where the ship will dock, and where this dock is in relation to the city centre. Does anyone know? If it helps we're on the P&O Britannia (cruise B927), arriving in Lisbon on Friday 4th October. Many thanks,
  3. Hi all, Quick question. On Britannia, is the Serenity pool part of the Retreat, or can anyone use it? Thanks.
  4. So just wondering, how much does a secondhand cruise ship go for? Any idea who the purchaser is?
  5. Hi all, We're going to Le Havre (for the first time) on a RCI cruise in October. I'm getting some mixed messages about how close the centre of Le Havre is from the cruise terminal. Never being to Le Havre before, we are quite happy to potter around the place. So, does anyone know how far the centre of Le Havre is to the cruise terminal, or if there are any shuttle buses provided? Thanks.
  6. Hi all, We're off on our first RCI cruise in October - round trip from Southampton (City Cruise Terminal). We've always gone with P&O or Cunard before, and have always used the parking provided by C&PS, where you drive right up to the terminal, unload your car, give someone your car keys and off you go. Looking at RCI, they don't seem to do this? The official RCI car park provider (Cruise Parking) seems to be similar in concept, but looks like the car park is a fair distance away and are 'shuttle bused' to the terminal. There is another company called ABP, who appear
  7. I'm with you all the way. We had the same on our recent cruise on Aurora - 'by the way' email, I think it was 2 weeks before sailing informing us that the shops would be closed from the mid-point of our cruise. I made a formal complaint but all to no avail. They'd told us, and that was that! We did get a bottle of champagne, but that was because they'd promised to get someone to call us back and they didn't. As you say, a decision of this nature would have been made ages before they notified the customers. It really annoyed me. And it's not like we buy a lot from the shops -
  8. Thanks all. In terms of what is onboard, what is included and what isn't? I'm assuming there is the same concept of a MDR and a buffet restaurant somewhere which would be included? Are all other restaurants chargeable, or are some included and some not? and I guess, is it obvious which ones are and are not? I've had a look at the RCI website, and it seems vague on what is inclusive and what is not? So thinking about P&O, apart from the food and entertainment, everything is chargeable? Is the same with RCI? For example, there seems to be a lot of exercise type classes o
  9. Hi, we've done a few cruises now, initially with Cunard and more lately with P&O. We wanted to try out a difference cruise line, and after some research found a 5 day cruise on Independence of the Seas in October. Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect compared to P&O. For example.. what's included and not included in the price? are the drinks packages worth it? The cruise is significantly cheaper than a comparable P&O cruise, so wondering if I'm missing anything? Thanks.
  10. Anyone know how the new alcohol policies are being enforced? What happens at embarkation at Southampton and destination ports where the security scanning is done by port staff and not P&O peeps? Are suitcases searched?
  11. Official response from P&O - tough luck!!
  12. My wife got a £300 Radley handbag from unused on board credit. And a while ago she bought a Gucci watch - we checked when we got home and it was cheaper on the shop, I'm assuming because no VAT (certainly was roughly 20% cheaper than in the UK shops).
  13. I have - waiting for a response. If we've been advised at time of booking, we knew what we stood when we booked. If we'd had been advised a long time ago we could have decided to cancel and re-book (not saying we would, but we could have discussed). 2 weeks to go - fait accompli.
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