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  1. Docking from QM2 in NY didn’t seem excessively onerous. LA airport was another story, worst immigration experience ever and we were only in transit to New Zealand. My tip is smile and do exactly as you are told, the Americans don’t do humour, they can’t even spell humour!
  2. Not the ship for me,but with a bit of luck it will attract the crowd I would aim to avoid 😎
  3. On Star Princess I was pleased to see paper towels at the exit door to toilet area and a bin for the towel after exiting, touching door handles yuk!
  4. Tips added to the bill are a little annoying, I know I have a choice, but worry that standards may slip. Pay a living wage and increase the price of the trip if necessary. I suppose that American customers are used to tipping everyone in every situation, personally I like to tip for good service, but $14 pppd is pushing it a little! The original holiday price drags you in, the real price after all the extras have to be considered.
  5. Not an option for me, 20 mins in the sun and I turn violent red, could pay the fee and then sublet,
  6. As a young at heart 60, I have met many fantastic travellers in their later years. Young people don’t have the monopoly on having fun. Well behaved children seem to be becoming are rare sight!
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