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  1. Hi we have booked a cruise on celebrity equinox for Oct. we have a balcony with obstructed view it’s a d2 cabin. I wasn’t sure which cabin to go for as we have never done a cruise before. So the lady I booked with said to just let the cruise line select the cabin for us. Did I do the right thing ? I have my booking number for the cruise now so any advice on cabins would be great as I am presuming that I could email the cruise and ask for which ever cabin we wanted so long as it’s not taken.
  2. hi just booked our first cruise doing the ABC islands on the celebrity equinox anyone got any tips on excursions or where to go on these please so excited oct really is a long time away cheers in advance
  3. do you pay extra for room service or is it free ?
  4. hi i have just booked our first cruise for october the lady that sold me the cruise upgraded us to a balcony cabin with an obstructed view but told me the obstruction is the lifeboat underneath our balcony which sounds ok to me do i have any way to check if this is what we have before we go ?
  5. jomf what do you mean by repaying tips when you have anytime dining ?? we booked our first cruise for oct and have pre paid our tips and have selected anytime dining does this mean we should then tip as well for the anytime dining ?? hope not unless service awesome
  6. hi new to all this booked our first ever cruise onboard the celebrity equinox for oct just wondering what to expect also not too sure about sea legs is there anyway to minimize this at all ? and any recomendations for our cabin to reduce seasickness if we get it
  7. We have been to a silent disco as part of a friends 50th birthday party great fun esp after a few drinks cant wait to take part onboard the Equinox
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