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  1. Thanks for your comment dancefloordemon, I will look into the cost of trains. I was just wondering if anyone had used another car park that may be near by? It will cost us £135 otherwise!
  2. Hi, It seems quite expensive to use the port car parking at £9 per day - does anyone have any advice on cheaper alternatives? thanks
  3. Welcome to the forum bdib! I second all the above, you often forget you are even on a ship after a few hours, it is so stable. But if you do happen to hit rough seas, like I did on the way out to Iceland, then I don't recommend going to the Crows Nest bar in order to see the horizon - I assure you, this doesn't work, although it was amazing how many people were up there! Lying flat on the bed was the only thing that worked for me!! Maybe try your first cruise to the Baltic, it was like a lake when I went a few years ago in July.
  4. How disappointing that must have been for you. Can't beat a bit of genuine Jazz!
  5. I guess we'll be watching this space a long time as I've read the ships will not be sailing until 2019!!!
  6. Thanks Lulucat and Kite63, I guess sometimes it's just worth keeping an open mind and seeing for yourself!
  7. Oh dear, this is one of the ports I'm going to in September, it sounds a bit dreary according to Tally and Harvey. Has anyone done any interesting excursions out of the city?
  8. When this came up with me before, I was told that the sliding scale of cancellation charges correspond with the odds of the cruise company being able to re-sell the cabin. They would probably have to lower the price as well to entice someone to book at last minute so they are unlikely to make back the original amount by reselling. Unfortunately, they always state their booking conditions and I was told that if they made an exception for one person, it would open a whole can of worms regarding everyone else and they can't afford to become, in effect, everyone's insurer by refunding the charges.
  9. I agree with Land Ahoy - would definitely check out the cancellation policy with the independent company before you book. I've not heard of any of the cruise lines cancelling St. Petersburg from their itineraries yet, but you never know what may happen in the future.
  10. Personally, I've not done enough cruises to have doubled up on ports - they are the highlight of the cruise for me and the cruise we choose is 100% based on the itinerary!
  11. There was an interesting article on L'wren Scott in the weekend Times magazine last year. It was the first I had heard of her but the interview was really good and she sounded like an amazing woman - a talented clothes designer who was in great demand by all the celebrities and of course long-time girlfriend of Mick Jagger. A real shame to hear about that yesterday.
  12. Hi Harvey and Old World Traveller, Bradley Cooper is a good looking actor who loves himself a bit too much but was great in 'Alias'!! Gerard Butler is in the same category but did make a brilliant Phantom in the recent Phantom of the Opera film!
  13. That's what I thought Fi Fi, would liven things up a bit!!
  14. Bon Jovi for evening entertainment - would love to see everyone's faces when they start to rock!!
  15. Skegness! Said no-one, ever!! The most interesting beach I've been to was at Warnemunde in Germany - loads of people were Kite surfing and loads of people were naked!! Unfortunately, they were mainly overweight and a paler shade of white!!
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