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  1. Just logged on to the new look forum. I think it looks great - much easier to navigate and also a lot clearer. Well done Bolsover.
  2. In my experience, if you plan to dine around the same time each evening, you will probably be shown to the same table or at least in the same vicinity, so that you get to know your waiters over the duration of the cruise. We have experienced this many times on Freedom dining.
  3. Highly recommend the Planet Bar - lovely cocktails
  4. Brilliant - who did you book that with Maddie3?
  5. Ditto the last comment about the market. Off to the left as you walk up the Ramblas. You will never so much vibrant colour in one place. Puts our markets (and supermarkets) to shame. There are also some stalls selling food to go which is local, cheap and delicious.
  6. How exciting. A river cruise features in our plans but I think we would like to try further afield probably Asia. Would love to know how you get on.
  7. Yippee - yes. Christmas and New Year!!
  8. I never, ever check the price of a cruise once I have booked. There is nothing you can do if the price comes down, apart from wind yourself up!
  9. One trip not to miss is the Catamaran and Turtle tour in Barbados. It is a must do whether you book it locally or through the ship.
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