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  1. Hi, I can also confirm that the 2 ships "Mein Schiff 1" and the "Mein Schiff 2" from the German TUI, who will be transferred to Mariella Cruises in 2018 and 2019 are great liners. A little bit old fashion, as they were former liner of Celebrity, once "Galaxy" and "Mercury". I cruised 3 times on them, and I find that the shape, the volumes are just fine, and not to compare with the huge American Liners with 4-5000 souls aboard. Happy Cruising with these 2 new "old" vessels. lahrdeco
  2. Riversong, Thanks for this detailed review on Fred Olsen. Many cruisers are looking forward to big and bigger liners, I prefer the older one, and smaller one. Of course my beloved Cunarder are bigger, but finally these mid-size ships are just fine, and give a family atmosphere without toboggans, Mountains-wall-climber Circus, Scooters, Surfboards etc...simply no Las Vegas. I cruised on HAL "Rotterdam" 2 years ago, I found it also very relaxed, and comfy.
  3. Dear 2torts, Thank you for your reply and compliments. I try to do my best, and training is the best what I can do. In January 2019 I will do another TA with the Queen Victoria, my first time on this vessel. I am sure that I will find my quiet places too. Best regards, lahrdeco
  4. Hi, First of all, sorry for my english language, this is not my first language....so I apologize for any error. ;.) I was on QM2 for a TA just 1 year ago, in December 2016. As single I occupied the new single cabin on Deck 3, number 3010. I say: Amazing. On the computer renderings after the Hamburg refit, the original was far better and cosy. 2 big circle windows brought the ocean into my cabin, wonderful views. The space for the single cabin is also great, and practically from the shower you can watch the ocean...:-)) The liner is a class of its own. I travelled also on the QE2, a
  5. Hi All, thanks for your welcoming greetings. No, I am directly not member of an Ocean Liner Society, but knows "virtually" some people around the world as collectors. A funny story, 1 year ago in the middle of the Atlantic on QM2 I met coincidentally in the Queens Room a gentleman from Los Angeles, a known collector of Ocean Liner memorabilia, and this between 200 persons....by the way we exchanged some stories.... Otherwise I think in my country I am the only collector .
  6. Hi everybody, a short presentation: 54 young male from Luxembourg, and a shiplover. Collecting ocean liner memorabilia from the SS Normandie, and SS United States I love to cruise and travel with Cunard.
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