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  1. We went on a Caribbean cruise in 1997 and found that you don't really need to go on a ship excursion unless where you want to go is some way out. The organised ship excursions are always always much more expensive than doing it yourself. The one we remember paying for and enjoying was walking up a waterfall which goes up from a beach, and you get together as a team and walk / climb up the smooth rocks. The fall is shallow, the river is wide and it's quite easy and enjoyable. You don't have to be a mountaineer, just go for a wet walk, basically. Other than that, where the ship docked in or
  2. Hi everyone. I've just signed up, as a result of chasing round finding about P&O Azura. We went on Britannia earlier this year to Norway, didn't like it much because it was toooooo big. With three lift shafts and 14 decks you would have thought that the designers would make each lift and each deck colour different so you would know roughly where you are. Your cabin is in fact half a mile down that corridor when you get out of the lift. All the carpets and walls everywhere are brown and the deck numbers are in small dark brown squares with small light brown numbers. For goodness sake, can't
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