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  1. Good luck Cap'n Mitch !.....thanks for sharing your voyage with us.....wish there were a few party photos....but hey you've done bloody brilliantly (as Ron Wheatley would say)....lol !
  2. thanks Jen....its a godsend talking to people like yourself.....makes one really confident that everything will be ok with very little to worry about...cheers.
  3. just to find out what I may have to expect when I go....? if the ship docks at 12.00 midnight or close to it.....do they sling you off late at night ? if you stay on.....and get off in the morning....how long does it take to get bags and get through customs ? cant be quick surely...and with loads of people prob quite a scrum ?
  4. like Piccadilly Circus Mitch...party hangover today...? did you give the old knees a run out on the dance floor....? bet there were a few tears with folk who have been together all trip....now on their last leg....no pun intended....lol
  5. Really......what was the gig....any shots.......? What was different from normal...?
  6. So Mitch...this is the last night before you reach Southampton. Anything special going on aboard ? Goodby party's etc....? Have you met any chums who maybe want to be part of your crew on your next sail away .? I hate goodbye's after a holiday etc...but then I suppose once your back in Ye old Blighty things change back to regular day to day living...
  7. There we go then.....a rew hours and you.ll be all parked up Mitch.....will you bet going for a gentle stroll ?
  8. Mitch.....are you due in port at La Corunna tomorrow ..? Ship tracker says your at sea...?
  9. Phew ! Great to hear it's a bit better today. I think you have done pretty well Mitch, not sure I would fair as well but I will try for sure...with the help of the girls on here giving me plenty to think about I have been wading through the Internet checking out up-coming voyages. missing your pics....I expected some super sleuth...shots of the old or not so old ravers, especially as they have Been forced inside riding out the storm.....lol. talking of riding.....nooooo mind out of the gutter people.....I'm off for my riding lesson now. The horses legs can do what I can't(gallop)....
  10. Lol....good call Mitch. I wouldn't be comfortable on my dodgy pin... thats pretty serious isn't it....decks out of bounds...?
  11. Hey Mitch...you haven't gone overboard have you....?. you gotta get some party shots and storm shots....lol....I'm intrigued as to how the wheel chair collective are doing in both situations. i saw a weather map of where you are and it didn't look great...??
  12. If we went together I think it would drive Green Peace into overdrive.... lol.
  13. So me dancing like Forrest Gump in his Callipers would elevate me to disco King on the Arcadia ?...lol. Sign me up ! I guess you will have to find yourself a spot on that sheltered deck Mitch and catch some rays. Keep that bar tender on his toes as well....
  14. 2torts....a wooden sprung dance floor lol. I wasn't a great dancer years ago, but unlike fine wine, my dancing hasn't got any better with age...lol ! I like the name of the dance venue tho..... Harlequins ! I suppose if I could scrum down with a competent lady dance partner I might be ok.....
  15. how bad did it get Mitch ? were you struggling to walk around ? Were the old knees ok ? Enjoy ya brekkie ship mate.....steady as she goes....
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