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    Iona 2020

    Am really looking forward to getting my cabin on Iona, I know some people are thinking she's a bit too big, but having seen some of the info abt her new types of cabin, I'm quite excited - been on the phone to Bolsover and price is good too. Never sailed the fjords before so should be good!! What do you all think?
  2. Hi everyone, I saw today in a news post on cruise critic that Princess is trialling advance boarding, i.e. you get to go on board first for a small fee. Just on Ruby Princess as a test. Quite like the sound of that - get the holiday started early! What are your thoughts?
  3. Thank you everyone - have Googled the subject this morning but also thought it'd be great to get some insider knowledge, so many cruise experts here! Thanks again!
  4. Hi! Relatively new to cruise, only a cpl of trips, but taking my husband on a short cruise later this month and he wants to know everything about everything so is asking loads of questions that I can't answer. One of them was, how does the process of designing and building a cruise ship work? Sorry, I realise that's probably a massive question but I wondered if anyone had any information on how lines order ships, how long it takes etc. Just being nosy really!
  5. I swing backwards and forwards on this issue - I see the sunbed wars regularly on hols and can see the benefit for some people of knowing they have a sunbed bought and paid for - after all, we buy and pay for almost everything else these days! But also, it feels a bit crass and so I can't imagine it happening on one of the lovely ships I've sailed on...
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