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  1. Having commented on Headliners in 2015 I was hoping for things to be better on this year's Arcadia cruise. If anything it was worse as I had to walk out during a show for the first time ever. Good dancers but the singing was so raucous. Didn't bother going back again so I missed out what used to be one of my favourite parts of a cruise. Louder is definitely not better!
  2. Makes you wonder if there is a pecking order where the senior staff get the lions share of the tips
  3. Gratuities now £6 per day per person (May 2017). Does anyone know how this is divvied up?
  4. I read somewhere earlier this year that cabins were going to be accessible before 2.pm from 2016. Can anyone confirm that this is happening?
  5. Can any recent P and O cruisers confirm that the overview is still issued at the start of a cruise? Heard recently this was happening and they are so useful to planning cruise days and casual dining food theme evenings. Jojo
  6. Great pity about Adonia staying in the Caribbean. That's an adults only ship not now available to those who are unable to fly long haul. With the advent of Britannia perhaps the Oceana could be made adults only with cruises from Southampton.
  7. The £5 per day gratuities are now up and running. Two of us went on a 17 night cruise to Venice and our total cabin spend was wiped out when £170 was deducted.
  8. Just back from Arcadia and agree that the Headliners shows were very loud at times. Backing tracks and two very loud shrill singers took away some of the enjoyment. Like "Land ahoy" I also went to rock concerts but the Queen tribute played in a small theatre indoors does not need that amount volume. Otherwise an excellent performance.
  9. arcadia cough

    1. harley1


      what is this arcadia cough???

    2. RayO


      I usually just call it an aircon cough.

  10. Favourite ship for me is Arcadia. Went on the inaugural cruise and fell in love with it. Those were the days when an inaugural cruise meant free champagne sail away, star entertainment and an unforgettable experience. Reading about the Britannia maiden cruise things have gone down hill. Still travel on Arcadia 10 years on - not always perfect but I feel it's my second home. Some things have spoiled it - cabins built on my favourite relaxing space on Sun Deck, plus invasion of the Rising Sun by partitions removed and casino ever nearer - but I will stick with it for now.
  11. Very concerned about this, as my husband has mobility problems it is important to be able to book in when our hired driver can fit us into his schedule. He usually plans it around taking or picking people up from Gatwick so flexibility is important. We certainly couldn't plan a cruise without his assistance. I know people want to get on board as soon as possible, but hopefully we wouldn't be turned away because we were earlier than our allocated slot.
  12. Please does anyone have advice on outside cabins on D deck with regard to overhead noise from promenade deck?
  13. Bit disappointed to see that P and O have now decided to build cabins on the Sun Deck rather than deck 2. According to the new deck plan the whole of the sun bed area outside the Crow's Nest will now be lost. This has always been a popular area with both sun beds and chairs for about 150 people. There will be a further 40+ passengers also looking for deck space on a ship where sun beds are already difficult to find on fine sea days.
  14. Jojo


    You will have somewhere Annie, designated areas of the outside decks. Jojo
  15. Really agree with this, just back from a Venice cruise on Arcadia and felt well and truly kippered by the smoke from next door. As an asthmatic I was forced to go back into the cabin every time another cigarette was lit, not too special when you have paid extra for a balcony to experience the sail in to Venice. Jojo.
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