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  1. I think the teachers are grossly hypocritical when one of freinds daughter keeps her child out of school for 10 days for a holiday to Disney with impunity. Not only was it the child's first term at school but the mother is a teacher at that school as well! But apparently she is good friends with the headmistress so thats probably ok then.
  2. Not just the ladies, the ship is the one place I can wear my expensive watch that is a family heirloom in safety. I'm sorry but not to be snobbish about this but I really don't want the look of it sullied by a gaudy cheap piece of moulded plastic. If they really want to make it more convenient why not a smart key/card like the car that activates when you (not the card) touch the handle to unlock the door or pass your package details info to the ships staff. Then all you have to do is keep it in your pocket or on a lanyard or in a handbag and its as discreet as you want. Just a thought.
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