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  1. Try SPB - have a look on trip advisor
  2. Nick

    P & O Christmas Cruise

    We did Panama canal cruise for Christmas & New Year but not on Aurora, it was the old Adoina (much like Oceana) you will have a fabulous cruise.
  3. Nick

    P&O ships decorated for Christmas

    They really do look lovely at Christmas all trimmed up.
  4. Nick

    Four hours!! really??

    I thought it was 3 hours before, but better safe than sorry.
  5. Nick

    How much did you pay???!!

    We were on the Eclipse a few years ago and the lady in the cabin next door to us popped her head over our balcony asking what we paid for our cruise. "hope you dont mind me asking dear but what did you pay for this cabin? " can't deny i was a bit shocked at the question over the balcony. We booked very early as wanted 3 cabins together as travelling with family and they had booked with just a few weeks to go and apparently their table at dinner had been discussing it the night before and they had paid the most out of the 8 couples. She said just wanted to know what we had paid. I told her and she was very unhappy as they had paid quite a lot more than us. It must have spoilt her holiday as everytime we saw her she would say she how she felt ripped off so she would have been better off not asking in the first place. There will always be someone who has got a better deal so dont ask is my opinion.
  6. Nick

    Independence of the Seas

    We have just returned from 2 weeks on Independence. It a great ship and the Ice shows are fantastic.
  7. Nick

    Jane Mcdonald goes cruising @

    I have been watching. I thought the Viking Sky looked fantastic. If only i could afford the Owners suite !
  8. Always prefer a balcony for our cruises but having said that we did a 4 night New Years cruise from Southampton and we tried an inside and it was ok. It was cold and dark early so we didnt miss the balcony on that cruise so i think yes it did for us on that occassion.
  9. Thank you, thats great
  10. Anyone called in at Belfast on a cruise, we are unsure where to go - Griants causeway or Titanic museum. Any suggestion ?
  11. Nick

    Sea sickness

    We always take Avomine tablets from Boots with us just incase, but up to now been really lucky and only used them a couple of times.
  12. Nick

    Norwegian Cruise Line Goes All Inclusive

    I think this is a good idea, never tried NCL before but will be having a look.
  13. Cant you see how it goes when your on the ship, get a feel for the prices onboard and then add it on if you think it will save you some money ?
  14. Nick

    Oceana or Azura?

    The itineary wins for me on Oceana, and yes smaller and older but still a fab ship
  15. Nick

    Favourite tribute acts?

    On Ventura a while ago now Badness aka Madness were on and they were fantastic.