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  1. Dress code should be enforced. If you don't want to dress properly - be it smart causal or formal then go and eat in the buffet. Cruising is rapidly sliding downhill and if you want proof just look at the number of people who go into the restaurant waering baseball caps
  2. I get very annoyed about auto gratuities. It is a fix by the company to try to keep the headline price as low as possible. I have had poor service from the laundry and great service from the steward but auto gratuity removed the scope of rewarding those who make our trip special. I now automatically ask for the auto gratuity to be significantly reduced and give a separate reward to those who please me. I don't mean those who do a good job - I expect that - I reward those who provide exceptional service.
  3. It is essential that all parents are fined for keeping children away from school. Many of the comments are about children of above aptitude who may not be harmed but this is a selfish attitude. People should recognise that those of lower ability need all the input available to help them and if it became acceptable for parents to keep children off school then it is inevitable that some youngsters will be harmed. You may not like it but if you want to keep them off school stop whinging, and pay up - those are the rules.
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