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  1. i believe the equinox is 2 years older......2009, silhouette 2011 but both ships have same facilities
  2. merry christmas and a happy 2018!!!
  3. i didnt even know you could take alcohol onboard
  4. the grand de vere is a fantastic hotel and includes parking
  5. just had a look at the new itineraries.......exciting!!!
  6. hi I would pre pay the tips with the cruise and then not have to worry about them onboard
  7. would be nice to try an msc ship from Southampton
  8. tj42

    Line Of Duty

    love it....the best thing on the tv at the mo
  9. The pool areas on board always seem relatively small considering the amount of passengers on board. I know space is a premium but surely one cruise line must think about making the pools larger in order to accommodate more people. They’re often very busy which makes me ask this question. Has any cruise line outlined this as a plan in the future or are they all focusing on a ship within a ship concept like the retreat or msc’s yacht club where we have to pay for extra space?
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