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  1. good luck and happiness to all have a good one
  2. boy tough audience lol. ok assuming duty free was duty free, the cruiseline up their game on the entertainment and insurance etc were possible . then would you curmudgeons be interested?
  3. they could just bunker at one of the canary islands, not let anyone off just take on provisions and fuel. i would be up for it for sure.
  4. given the current difficulties of covid 19 and the wide range of different rules imposed by possible destination ports of call. would it be feasible or attractive to have a cruise down to warmer weather for a week or two but not to dock anywhere, simply cruise around the canaries or something staying on board and sunbathing. ramp up the on board entertainment, lectures demonstrations etc. but just bimble around in the sun for a while. it would suit me lol. any takers?
  5. sorry countrygirl, jumped in without looking.
  6. just announced that p&o have sold oceana.
  7. fortunateley i am usually up around 6 am so am usually one of very few in for breakfast at that time. not a fan of the buffet at lunch due to some of the less than hygenic habits of some passengers, if i have any of them in front of me i bypass anything theyve gone near. some of the ships have grab and go sandwiches by the pool all prepacked so they are a favourite at lunch. and i have to say i have never had a health issue on 20 odd cruises.
  8. in a way i am lucky in that i am isolated all the time, widower work from home,disabled so cant walk far, certainly cant get round a supermarket so i have always used online shopping. so nothing new for me lol. ive been lucky in that ive been able to get morrisons to deliver when ive needed it and i use wiltshire farm foods for some meals when i cant stand to cook. only drag has been the cancellation of hospital appointments for my back to get me mobile again, until they lift the restrictions i have to live with the pain. i will be looking for a last minute break when the cruises com
  9. thanks for your efforts, i would love to do petra and some of the nile sights but ever reducing mobility and restrictions on my ability to vist countries in the region for reasons we wont go into will restrict it to my wishlist. glad it all went well for you. very jealous.
  10. your right sinbad, i went on britannia in sept no costa card, didnt enquire about other packages though.
  11. £2.50ish i think. for a standard size £3 odd for a large.
  12. i am in the trentann camp i thought it was just me lol
  13. i registered for the pre sale of 2021/22 cruises for a 28 nighter starting nov 21. for a pe inside the lowest grade it was quoted as £2756. the single 3k+, anyway they called this morning to say the pe had sold out to the higher grades ligurian etc so the next one up would be £2821. looking at the website today its already 3k+ and the single still more. so it has paid to get in early but if the few singles havent sold out how can they justify them still costing more than a double for single occupency. so thankyou bolsover lol.
  14. my biggest gripe is the single cabins as they are usually more expensive than single occupency of a double which is crazy. my last 2 cruises and poss the next depending on them getting me a booking on friday have all been sole occupency of a double cabin at the 2 person price and its been cheaper than a single. how can they justify charging more than for 2 people pay for a cabin for a single cabin.
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