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  1. The Azura is like Ventura and has no front oriented bar like The Crows Nest. The Manhattan Room is the Main Bar on Azura and Ventura which is arranged at the Aft end of the ship just giving the view after you have passed. driving directions
  2. Maison de l’Armateur . An illuminating preview of life in Le Havre toward the start of the nineteenth century is on quai de l'île in the Quartier Saint-François. The townhouse, arranged by Paul-Michel Thibault, who likewise plotted the city's strongholds, was untouched by the annihilation in 1944 and has been protected as a noteworthy landmark since 1950. Maison de l'Armateur (House of the Ship-proprietor) has five stories around a chamber lit from the rooftop by an octagonal sky facing window. driving directions
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