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  1. Always request a statement every so often during the cruise, just in case there is a rogue invoice. It has happened before and took 2/3 days to get sorted, but not the end of the world either. No need to queue at Reception, just choose a quiet time. With regard to tips, we leave one on, and take one off and give the "OFF" money to the cabin steward or whoever has given good service. Simples.
  2. It is extremely rude to ask how much your fare was.... regarding a quote above regarding what do you do for a living: I knew someone who was an undertaker and he always replied: "I am into packaging" A greata reply and kept everyone guessing.
  3. I would not like the ban of smoking lifted. With sea winds the smoke gets everwhere. I like to sit on my balcony and enjoy the sun but not with someone'e smoke coming over from next door. I am not that keen on walking the Prom deck with one side full of smoke, but there must be some places for smokers to go. Definitely keep Muster Drills. Everyone should have some idea of what to do, so there isn't total chaos if there should be an emergency. Common Sense should prevail...look at Concordia, mad panic.
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