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  1. After Visiting Britannia i did find that they have slightly comprised on room space to provide a lot more open deck space for everyone. The main atrium is huge and plenty of areas for customers and also around the pool areas there is alot more space! However in doing this they have made the cabins i thought slightly smaller especially the bathrooms they were very confined!!! although in saying this though the Britannia is a beautfiful ship and the cabins dont take away from the experience at all! i'd be happy to spend a week on there and not get off!!
  2. i would aways pre pay on american companies as it does work out cheaper and less hassle when you are onbaord knowing everything is already sorted.
  3. I have been on the Royal Princess and did not think it was anything like it as been portrayed on this programme personaly i think as been hammed up for the purpose of the cameras. i watched first two episodes but will not be watching anymore!
  4. Does anybody know if the Adventure of the Seas has a retractable pool roof???
  5. i wouldn't go public either i'm sure you can tell your friends and family but imagine how many people would come out the woodwork
  6. I've been on the Celebrity Reflection and loved it, it's perfect for all age ranges i think. Just found them expensive whilst onboard thats all compared to P&O or Fred olsen
  7. I'm on the fence with Joey i think alot of the time he acts thicker than he actually is. don't get me wrong i like him but i think its a bit of an act. Always watched him in towie and have always thought the same. Matthew wright was correct when he said last night I’m beginning to think Joey ‘I’m a dim wit’ is starting to sound like a bit of a front really.” lol
  8. I love it already, however i do think it will get boring if its only joey essex and matthew doing the trials all the time!
  9. Does anybody actually know how much the shuttle buses cost anyway if you didnt pick the select fare?
  10. I have looked at these previously and it seems to me that they are very much freestyle cruising and very relaxed cruise line. someone did tell me once that when your eating dinner people can be dancing on the tables in front of you! how true that is i don't know!!
  11. ARW39856


  12. i agree dough-head many of there fans will agree with, although i think most of them are deaf due to standing to close the speakers at fesitivals, hence they cant hear the music anyway and just bob up and down like churchills nodding dog. :-) lol
  13. ha ha dough-head you clearly live near sheffield as the only people who listen to there music live within a 10 mile radius of them as everyone else needs an interpreter to distinguish the words :-)
  14. I agree!! especially since my new diet started today so im autmatically in a bad mood now i ahve to eat dust for months!! :-(
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    Hi Keith On Most Operators website it advises this The tap water on our ships is drinkable. However, should you prefer, there is also a variety of bottled water available to buy on board. So it seems pretty safe to, Although like you i would stick to the wine :-)
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