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  1. Adonis seems to be the only one of the P&O fleet not featured in the 2019 brochure that arrived today. On checking the website she has scheduled cruises until March 2019. After that there is nothing . Anybody know why? Being small she has much better access to some places the bigger ships can't go to so I hope her future with P&O is secure. 

  2. Personally we prefer smaller ships, the smaller the ship the more ports are accessible to it so the more interesting it becomes. Large ships overwhelm smaller destinations... like the Orkneys or Faroe Islands too many people trying to look at the sites cause unpleasant degrees of congestion.So the cruise destinations are more limited. It appears Venice is going to limit access by cruise ships, and you wonder how much the size of ship affects that decision. I'd rather be on a traditional ship than be at sea on a floating holiday resort. For me it's part of the charm.

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