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  1. We had no issue on standards. The staff on our recent Oriana cruise looked after us really well but it was the ship itself that I was dissapointed in. Not anything specific, more just the range of facilities on board. I've raised this elsewhere on the forum. I found the ship to be too small for my liking and much prefer bigger ships with more restaurants, entertainment and overall options to choose from each day. I just found Oriana quite boring when compared to previous ships we've sailed on.
  2. I respect your opinion 2torts, I just don't think I could do Adonia. I found Oriana too small so going any smaller for me would be something I'd dread rather than get excited about.
  3. Never had any issue with tendering Captain Kidd, it's always been smooth enough for us when on bigger ships. I think missing ports due to weather restrictions is pretty much the same across the board whether you're on a bigger or smaller ship, and as for embarkation and disembarkation, we've never had any problems with this either. In fact, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity were both excellent with this and much quicker than we had on Oriana despite being much bigger in size.
  4. You may well be right Old World Traveller but it would be a big gamble to take having come away from this latest cruise as dissapointed as we have.
  5. I just don't see the appeal to smaller ships having experienced it for myself now. We listened to some friends and read reviews so decided to give it a go but it definitely wasn't for us. I found it boring at times, which is not what I want from a holiday. Bigger ships have so much more to see. The entertainment is much better and you're never stuck for something to do.
  6. I don't care what anyone says, bigger ships are far superior than smaller ships. We have recently sailed on Oriana following 4 years of cruises on bigger ships (Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Reflection, Azura, Britannia and Independence of the Seas). After reading many reviews about small-mid sized ships being more intimate we decided to give it a go. The biggest disappointment for us was the reduction in facilities. We found each night we'd eat at the same restaurant, and end up in the same bar. On the bigger ships it's like every day is a new day trying to find your way around and stumbl
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