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  1. Once again P&O have decided to increase the standard charge for passengers to £7 per day for all passengers 12 and over. A few points. Where else do you tip for a service before you get it? Do you not think that 12 is a little young to be tripping, a family of four could be paying £28 a day. But the main point is I believe that standard are dropping on P&O so why would I want to pay more. I still reduce this charge to nothing and tip those who deserve it. Normally ends up costing about the same, but the staff who receive the tip know how much we appreciate their efforts.
  2. While I understand the problems around this virus and cruise ships I just wish the cruise Ines would stop putting all the blame onto the passengers and accept that the ship and crew have their part to play. Pointless pushing hygiene to the passengers when the crew can be seen ignoring the hygiene procedures.
  3. A snow dome which was just what we wanted, I don’t think. Even the grandchildren were not impressed. Maybe just a sign of the times and that P&O are either in financial difficulties or just don’t think much of their customers. We have noticed the drop in standards on P&O and will be looking at other cruise lines carefully before I book another’s cruise.
  4. Just been on a P & O Christmas Cruise and we would like to know what others thought of the Gift? from P & O
  5. The check in times before a flight is one of the reasons we look for cruises from UK ports. Airports are a pain
  6. OK, we want to board early, but still expect our accommodation to be ready. Never had an issue with having to spend a bit of time on the ship before our cabin is ready. A qhick look around or a snack fills the time well. Getting our luggage early enough to get ready for dinner is more important to us.
  7. I remove gratuities every time and never had a problem. I reward good service to those who give it. Would you go into a restaurant and give a tip befor you ordered your meal? also a little cheeky of the cruise companies to tell you what to give.
  8. OK this is one of those topics that will never be resolved Holiday firms are a business, so charge by demand. However, when the choice is a few hundred pounds fine or a few thousand pounds extra for a holiday, it’s sometimes a simple choice. Also what about those who cannot take their annual holidays the same time as school holidays. Like the question as to can schools be fined for closing during school term time One last point, when a teacher takes time off in term time are they fined?
  9. Although I have been informed that the cruise line do register the daily charges it has never shown on my credit card when have checked mid cruise. However I find it a good idea to take two credit cards when I go abroad. I never used a debit card though, so do not know how it works with them
  10. Well just a thought for the ladies. All dressed up in you best long dress and fine jewellery, but will the plastic wristband go??? I for one would not be impressed with been asked to walk around with a plastic wristband. What about personal security when you are ashore, not a good idea.
  11. The E Tickets are one of the items the will ask for when you check in for you cruise so yes print then, but if you make any changes print them again. wonder if they will accept one on a smartphone?
  12. OK, you pay for a cruise, and hopefully have a great time. I doubt if the price of the cruise includes the cost of anything that will fit in a suitcase. If you find these things so irresistible they buy them.
  13. After doing quite a few cruises with P &O. I have only once seen P & O staff removing towels etc from unoccupied sun beds.
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