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  1. Ive been thinking of a cruise in the Galapagos too, anybody know the best time to go ???
  2. Ive booked Azura on the 18th of November inside cabin £999pp cant wait!!!
  3. Im going on Queen Mary 01/07/14 and im in Boston on independence day, does anyone know if theres any special arrangments or celebrations on that day? was hoping for something nice to do!
  4. i agree with ALI05 definatley a balcony when your in the caribbean as its so hot!, its nice to have your own private space, the c deck cabins are lovley so much bigger than the standard and they are the same price
  5. yes definitely the cabin is much nicer, flowers, champange, choclates, more extensive service, you really are spoilt! and with it only being £170 more to upgrade its definitely worth it!
  6. Celebrity have reviewed this and its now been changed back to how it was and even added more!
  7. can you confirm what has changed with the drinks package, i heard something about this but i cant find out what it is?
  8. I always use holiday extras there brill!
  9. sailing from southampton, no flying, and visiting a new place every day!
  10. been with intercruises before, wouldnt say the coaches are too good, we stopped in loads of differnet places, then in Leicester we had to wait 1 hour before transfering to a different coach! not impressed!
  11. 100% agree with getting spa treatments before you go, paid $100 for a massage and i could of done it better myself!
  12. Hello.. its just p&o that do the adults only! If you go for something like Fred Olsen you will find less children onboard than some of the other cruises
  13. flower pot

    Sun Beds

    Totally agree! Its so rude
  14. yep its true starting from bookings made in 2014!
  15. On P&O you can take you own wine in the restaurants but you will be charged a corkage fee, you can buy spirts in the Duty Free onboard too, not sure about any other companies, think most of them are quite strict!
  16. How long has the power been out for!? scaryyy being at sea with no power!
  17. No its just P&O, there are other cruise lines like fred olsen that does attract older clients but through the summer holidays you may find a few families onboard!
  18. Oh was expecting it to be more than that! loverlyyyy
  19. Sounds nice! do you know what kind of price it will be?
  20. flower pot


    Im going on the Azura soon, does anyone know of any other dining options other than the main dining rooms? ive heard Sindu is nice?
  21. I love the retreat, its onboard Azura! Deffinatley worth booking, its designed exclusivley for adults, there is a private pool area with sun loungers and cabanas for treatments! Its £10 for half a day, book as soon as you can though as it books up very quick
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