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  1. I suppose it depends upon how long it takes for the mail or email to get to the recipient and how long it takes for them to act on it. I once got an £8000 cruise for £3000, so yes deals are out there to be had.
  2. I was informed, on a Canary cruise that anything you actually buy within the Canary Islands is classed as duty free. Therefore, if you buy your duty free from a duty free shop or on the ship then you cannot buy on land on the Islands. The customs allowance for buying items in spain or an eu country where the duty is paid has changed. For instance I was told that if you wanted to buy cigarettes then the allowance has gone down to 800. This was from a customs and excise officer in the UK. It may be an idea for those wishing to buy in quantities to check the customs and excise website.
  3. Thankfully not…. I have never watched it. However, usually the ads start a couple of weeks or so before the programs start.
  4. When I was on Arcadia and the ship was on code red, a woman came into the store to see if they sold pyjamas as her husbands had been taken away for washing by staff. So she was allowed to move freely around the ship, mind you it made me wonder how many sets of pyjamas she had packed for him for a 24 night cruise!! Needless to say I gave her a wide berth, and no - they dont sell pyjamas!!
  5. Thanks OWT, I am on the unlucky number..... lol
  6. Trouble with Gib is that most ships are only there for a few hours, I think I would need the day to walk around and visit places properly...
  7. How do you find the number of viewings.... I can only see a few names up. Mind you I am not that interesting as I havent put any information up....
  8. One would have thought they would put the information on their website.... so all of next years brochures are incorrect then.... Are they still giving refunds back in obc if the price goes down.... Passengers dont know if they are coming or going with P & O at the moment with all these changes.
  9. The first time I cruised I was informed that no jabs were required, I checked with my GP and came out like a pin cushion. I think I ended up with around 6 jabs and only went to the Eastern Med. Like everyone else has said, check with your GP for the best advice.
  10. MPW was on a cruise that I did and he was in the Ocean Grill on a night that we were in there. Now, to me, if a passenger is frequenting a restaurant which bears his name one would think that he was say hello to some of the diners but he didn't. He ignored everyone and bid a hasty retreat to what I assume was the kitchen. Not impressed with his attitude but the food was ok.
  11. Actually it is true.... When I was on Artemis I heard from a reliable source about the amount of shoplifting which occurred on ships. There are cameras around which the passengers cannot always see.
  12. Hi there Probably a silly question and I apologise if this is in the wrong place but - how do I add a picture to my profile and does it have to be a certain size. Thanks
  13. If you are considering a walking tour, if you can find out how far the ships berth is away from the place you are visiting you could do this on your own. If the walking tour states on foot only then you can be sure that you can do your own thing. You probably know this already but I have been caught out a couple of times..... deerrr
  14. Why not arrange a coffee meeting. That is was the members of the P & O forum used to do when on the same cruise.... Apologies if it has been mentioned elsewhere.
  15. Thanks Tom, sorry to be a pain....
  16. Hi Admin I am still trying to find my way around the site and whilst I see a view new content button, is this the same as latest posts? If not, would it be possible to have one, particularly if we are trying to follow a certain thread. For me, it helps me not having to search for it. Many thanks....
  17. I think that the shareholder benefit shown above went up at the last shareholders meeting. The highest P & O credit is now £150. Sorry I dont have the full list.
  18. I take the Dettol wipes with me and I do the 'cleaning' before I unpack..... Is that going a bit overboard - I dont think so.
  19. Hi Guys, The link to this forum was provided to me via Bolsover Cruise Club. However, can anyone tell me whether this is Bolsovers individual forum or one set up by an unknown individual. The reason I ask is that I cannot find a link on their website and am curious as to its security etc. Your answers would be appreciated. Many thanks
  20. Arcadia will be having a single balcony cabin after the refit. Trouble is it will be on deck 10 near the crows nest. A very bouncy place and the prices were not very competitive either.
  21. Greetings all... I have just joined the site aswell, however, I was a regular with the old P & O community site but under a different name. Unfortunately my old one had already been taken. I am still trying to find my way around the site but hope that I can make a valued contribution when necessary. Best wishes - The Pesky Pirate.
  22. Just a word of advice to those using travel insurance that comes with your bank account as they do not always cover pre-existing conditions. It is work a phone call to make sure.
  23. Pesky Pirate

    SMOKING !!

    For those who are opposed to the new smoking ban issued by P & O you can write to them and put your point forward. I do agree that it is unfair on those who had already booked their cruise before this ban was imposed and think that they could have allowed smoking on balconies on one side of the ship and seeing how that worked before imposing a total ban. Just my view and hope that this does not upset anyone.
  24. Within a couple of days of getting on Arcadia recently the noro-virus broke out... this lasted for the best part of two weeks and the captain did daily announcements requesting people to continually wash their hands. As soon as the all clear was given it was amazing to see how many people walked into dining areas without using the gel. Some of the people who had colds were sneezing and coughing without covering their faces aswell. I have never seen so many disgusting habits on a ship, including that which Ron has posted. For anyone going on a cruise the Boots Antiviral foam is good. The b
  25. I agree that the cost of a single cabin compared to paying a single supplement can be such that you pay more per sq.foot for the single cabin. With the closeness of the prices, particularly with P & O paying for a double cabin would be better for the space. The other thing is that the single cabins are not always in the best position on the ships. I think that if two people in an outside cabin are paying i.e.. £1000 each for a cruise then the single person in the single cabin should pay £1000 also. Just my view.
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