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  1. I bought the issue up with my bank and I was informed that they can, admittedly not a huge amount but enough to get by. Also it was online banking systems that people couldn’t access. You could still do banking etc in a bank. However this thread is about using mobiles and not about banking issues...
  2. True but at least they can give you some cash when the cards don’t work either.
  3. Online banking is fine until the banks computer systems go belly up. Look what happened to TSB a few months back.
  4. It just shows how oblivious people are to their surroundings and inconsiderate to others around them.
  5. It’s not so much checking your account during the cruise that’s a problem but also making sure that your account is closed at the end of a cruise. I was on a cruise, got my bill etc etc. When I checked with the bank P&O were still doing the checks on my account. The people who had the cabin after me, their purchases were being debited against my card. It took weeks to get sorted. So yes I am one of those people who are in a queue on the last night, telling them to close my account. I always do periodic checks throughout the cruise as too.
  6. My iPad cable goes into a plug via a usb, the same as most charging leads. I can’t see how that would be an extension lead. What do they do with passengers from other countries whose hair dryer or razors have different plugs on the end and you need a converter plug to change it to a 3 pin. I can’t see that it would be any different to taking one of those.
  7. With the height of the railings I can’t imagine she fell. Perhaps they were arguing about money and she was after some compensation..... if she jumped then she should pay the bill for the search rescue..
  8. I was just sympathising with those who pay huge supplements to go on holiday alone.
  9. So what’s the difference between discretionary service charge and service charge. They still expect you to pay it before May 2019 whatever they like to call it. like Mitch says perhaps they could reduce the single supplement next for those singles who get ripped off every time they go on holiday.
  10. Just had an email to say that from May 2019 there will be No service charge on p&o cruises....
  11. The thing is Morris Minor cars were more reliable than some modern ones...
  12. The other thing is that if you spend so long at sea tax isn’t paid on wages, so I’ve been told.
  13. They are doing this by email as well with a link. When I rang BT about it they gave me an address to forward it to, sorry I don’t have it anymore, I just delete anything odd now
  14. The guys on the ships are employed to do a job, if we are inefficient at work we risk getting fired. If the guys on the ships are below par the tips that they get, whether through the passengers who reduce them or the questionnaire, may loose out on what they get and possibly get a warning. They are employed to do a good job as are we.
  15. People will do what they want irrespective of whether others think it’s right or wrong. As long as it doesn’t impact on my holiday then I would just go with the flow. Life’s too short to bother really...
  16. Perhaps people only like to criticise P and O to emphasise how they are going downhill. Also some if the so called booze cruisers probably go for the fact that the currency onboard is in Sterling so they know how much they are spending etc etc. However if the cruise lines want to up their game perhaps they shouldn’t do the two and three nighters. I did a three nighter once but wasn’t impressed.
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-44979833
  18. If anyone is feeling a bit down, there’s a clip on the BBC website where Tom Cruise challenges James order to do a parachute jump. It made me smile. Sorry I don’t know how to put a link on here....
  19. Mines jumping around a bit as well ....
  20. Pesky Pirate


    We had rain, thunder and sunshine all at the same time this morning....
  21. Pesky Pirate


    My back lawn looks like tufty, a slight trim is required I think. Gardening is good exercise but to try and dig through solid soil is a bit too much. It should rain at night and be sunny during the day.....
  22. Pesky Pirate


    Come winter we shall be saying it’s too cold... 🙃
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