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  1. Hi, I had it happen a few months back I emailed p and o and it was because I hadn’t updated my details recently. They did it for me and I was reinstated.
  2. A friend of mine is doing one on Iona in August, I will post his comments when he gets back
  3. I did a solo cruise a few years back, it was a table of couples and they didn’t speak to me for the whole cruise until the last night… so much for a bubble.. it seems too much of a hassle to cruise at present, might leave it until 2023… 🙁
  4. Hi All I received an email yesterday to the effect that Aurora cruises for late 2022 would be on sail early July. The thing with new cruises starting off is the majority of them state that you can only mix with people you are travelling with, not so good for a solo traveller… hope you are all ok 🙂
  5. Got a further email today, however, it doesn’t state what platform they are using or whether it can be viewed on an iPad. I also wonder how many of us have an Ethernet cable these days. I wonder if it’s worth the hassle..
  6. An email came through from P and O sending a link to say if you were interested. I thought it was a generic one.
  7. Is anyone else going to log into the naming ceremony on May 16th, well Line of Duty has finished and there isn’t much else scheduled on tv.... 🙂🙂
  8. It’s a shame that the cards that are issued with details of each vaccine issued can’t be used as proof of vaccination. At least it fits into a purse or wallet.
  9. I was with Bupa travel insurance for years and now they have stopped doing it... looks like the amount of choice is dwindling and we will be taking out the cruise line insurance
  10. We might do a better job, let’s face it we couldn’t do any worse 🤪
  11. Hi HLM I’m still plodding along like everyone else I guess. I think that no matter what comes into force won’t cover every scenario, I’m glad it’s not my job to sort it out. I do wonder if those cards that they give you when you have the first jab is regarded as proof. Like you said for those unable to get the vaccine some sort of provision would have to be made whether it’s an ordinary overseas holiday or a cruise. Fingers crossed that 2022 will be a lot better... take care all.... 🙂
  12. Sorry I couldn’t find a suitable category to put this in. My main conversation was to be the vaccination passport. Anyways, these vaccination passports I think will cause problems for some people that have to produce evidence on line that they have had the vaccine. Many folk over certain age May recall that when we had the smallpox vaccine, yellow fever, typhoid etc we were given a card as evidence of vaccination that you kept with your passport. Surely this could still be an option without having to go through the cost of a doctors letter to prove vaccination as not everyone has smart ph
  13. I suppose it may be a series of short cruises which would be ok as a tester to see if you liked the ship or not, particularly the big ones.. I don’t think cruising will go back to how it was for quite a while and it will only need one person to get on a boat with the virus for it to spread. Better to be in uk waters and get taken off in the uk rather than abroad.
  14. I was fortunate to get rid of mine before they fell, it might be a good idea to reinvest..
  15. I wonder what they will do when all electric comes in.... wind turbines at the rear?.
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