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  1. We might do a better job, let’s face it we couldn’t do any worse 🤪
  2. Hi HLM I’m still plodding along like everyone else I guess. I think that no matter what comes into force won’t cover every scenario, I’m glad it’s not my job to sort it out. I do wonder if those cards that they give you when you have the first jab is regarded as proof. Like you said for those unable to get the vaccine some sort of provision would have to be made whether it’s an ordinary overseas holiday or a cruise. Fingers crossed that 2022 will be a lot better... take care all.... 🙂
  3. Sorry I couldn’t find a suitable category to put this in. My main conversation was to be the vaccination passport. Anyways, these vaccination passports I think will cause problems for some people that have to produce evidence on line that they have had the vaccine. Many folk over certain age May recall that when we had the smallpox vaccine, yellow fever, typhoid etc we were given a card as evidence of vaccination that you kept with your passport. Surely this could still be an option without having to go through the cost of a doctors letter to prove vaccination as not everyone has smart ph
  4. I suppose it may be a series of short cruises which would be ok as a tester to see if you liked the ship or not, particularly the big ones.. I don’t think cruising will go back to how it was for quite a while and it will only need one person to get on a boat with the virus for it to spread. Better to be in uk waters and get taken off in the uk rather than abroad.
  5. I was fortunate to get rid of mine before they fell, it might be a good idea to reinvest..
  6. I wonder what they will do when all electric comes in.... wind turbines at the rear?.
  7. Either way if PandO want to keep their ‘loyal’ clientele they will certainly have to up their game no matter which ship it is on. They have gone downhill with the cruise experience, even during the time I have cruised with them, and as OWT says folk will walk. However cruise lines also have to realise that not everyone wants the ‘butlins at sea’ type of cruise either.... I must admit I wouldn’t mind trying out the zip line 😂although I do wonder how many people realise that they may not be insured if something untoward happens.
  8. I prefer smaller ones too, for the fans of P & O let’s hope they don’t get rid of the likes of Aurora and Arcadia when they can’t fill the big ones..
  9. So who knew P & O we’re having yet another new ship when Iona hasn’t even started sailing. Same size ship apparently as Iona... it does make you wonder how they are going to fill them once cruising starts again.. whilst I say good luck with it I think they should have waited a while personally...
  10. Good idea, I think you should be issued a certificate on your second vaccine to prove you have had the vaccine, this is what happened years ago on receipt of the likes of smallpox, yellow fever jabs etc. it could easily be signed off each year. I think that it might end up like the flu jab needing to be updated at least annually. Let’s face it with all the bugs you can catch on ships to insist on a vaccine jab, even if you have to pay for it which the flu jab only costs around a tenner, it’s worth it.
  11. I’ve changed colour as well .... I think I was pink before 🤓
  12. Happy new year both, I’ve not heard anything either... but then we aren’t really hearing a lot about cruising.... I’m finding this new site a little odd, at least it’s still running.. 🙂
  13. The problem is, to allow social distancing on ships would mean fewer passengers so a good hike in prices. To have to wear face masks on a cruise would be similar to a chap shaving his beard off after being on holiday... lots of white bits. Prices have already gone up 🙁
  14. I rang up yesterday but I don’t think the person I spoke to knew what I was talking about..
  15. Whilst I have only booked cruises through Bolsover at their main premises, I am sorry to hear that there premises at Meadowhall will not be reopening. I am sure that others will join me in wishing Bolsover cruise club well for the future during these difficult times and that we may all soon be cruising again... PP 🙂
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