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  1. blondie

    When do you start packing

    i have all good intensions of starting a few days before but it always ends up being the day before
  2. blondie

    Celebrity Infinity

    i saw it on line with daily mail, it really has made a mess and could have been worse
  3. blondie

    Saga med cruise booked!

    i have seem the ships in the brochures and the cruises they offer seem very good value for money , they have some fab itins. I've got a few more years to go before i am heading down the 'saga' route
  4. blondie

    Maasdam at Half Moon Cay

    amazing picture
  5. blondie

    What’s Really Included in a Cruise Line’s Drinks Package?

    I would say its depends on which drinks package you buy and how much you normally drink, if you drink more then 3-4 alcoholic drinks a day plus soft drinks its worth it and would always buy the full package so your not restricted on the value of the drink.
  6. my bucket list is new York Australia Maldives Fiji Canada oman not sure I will get to do them all
  7. blondie

    emerald princess

    the porterhouse is a monster of a steak and must have with lobster tail, my friend had the beef cheek pie, it looks lovely but she said the meet was really rich and didnt finish it i think she was a little dissapointed with it but certainly reccommend the mushroom ragu
  8. blondie

    emerald princess

    crown grill was $29 pp worth everty single penny !!
  9. blondie

    P&O increase gratuities.

    i agree riversong, it is still good value
  10. blondie

    emerald princess

    it is a set menu and there is 5 courses. you start with cold meats breads and olives , then there is a choice of appetizers eg, tagliatelle,shrimp salad etc then the mains you can have turbot, lobster, ragu twice duck or beef cheek pie you can also have a choice of sides.Then you go on to the cheeses, i found those really strong and would not have them next time, the desserts was amazing i would recommend the dark chocloate cremeux
  11. blondie

    emerald princess

    just returned back off emerald princess and if any one is going on her you won't be disappointed. Had the most amazing time, the ship is a little dated but in terms of her standard and cleanliness i couldn't fault it. Got to sample the spa and had treatments and they was very good value for money. Had the opportunity to dine in share which is curtis stones new resturant on board which was fantastic but my favourite was crown grill. For the small cover charge it was really worth it, some of the best food and service i have had on a ship. The show was very good i normally get board of seeing the same thing on board but couldn't falut it, had a balcony cabin and the size of balcony was good and cabin facilities was good as well. Overall i would certainly travel again with princess cruises
  12. blondie

    emerald princess

    going on emerald princess on saturday and cannot find if you can use european adapted or if it is just american, any advise would be great
  13. blondie

    port change

    just had an email from p&o to say they have changed ports on my cruise was really looking forward to going to flaam and its now changed to alesund, dont know anything about it . if any one has any experience on this port any advise of what to see and do
  14. blondie

    In port at St Thomas

    looks beautiful, on my wish list to go there
  15. blondie

    Bolsover Cruise Club's Triple Cashback Sale Weekend

    ive just booked on azura for 19 june to iceland for a balcony and got £90 pp was so pleased with that amount i think it depends on how much you spend to how much you got