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  1. Friends of ours booked a short cruise with P&O to Amsterdam for later this month. This included an overnight stay in port, and they were informed, just after paying the final amount, that the ship would no longer dock in Amsterdam but in Ijmuiden - a 40 minute shuttle bus ride away. P&O would only state "operational reasons" for the change, which is pretty deceitful as they just seem intent on avoiding paying the new tax in Amsterdam. On a longer cruise with just a day stop in Amsterdam, the change would probably be less of an issue, but an overnight stop there allows passengers
  2. On our Aurora Christmas cruise, we failed to get through the 1L of gin we took, in contrast to previous cruises to warmer climes, so the limit didn't really affect us. The bottle of Prosecco though disappeared quickly. Overall, can't praise the Christmas cruise enough, even if a force 9 stopped us getting into Amsterdam. I do get the feeling that P&O are still "on the make", so to speak, in very minor ways. On previous cruises, 2 washing powder tablets were 60p, whilst on Aurora, the washing capsules were £1 each. A trivial issue, but things like this leave one with the feeling that
  3. I share your concerns about this anomaly. 1L per person for a 3 day cruise would probably result in sore heads and unruly behaviour but 1L over 35 days would have no adverse effects on other passengers. A case of one rule which clearly doesn't fit all.
  4. The minibar charging system has baffled us. On our first cruise we did use two of one item, the second of which was ordered via the ordering pad provided. We were only charged for the second one, so remain puzzled as to whether the bar as stocked is free (very unlikely) or whether charges are made when the minibar is restocked at the end of the cruise. I like the point regarding the length of the cruise and the amount of alcohol permitted on embarkation. We would never get through 2 x 1L of spirits on a 3 day cruise, but would do on a 4 week one possibly. Some common sense is required, a
  5. Possibly another way to look at this is to compare the situation with a land based stay in an hotel or self catering. I've never seen any restriction on what alcohol one can take to one's accommodation in those circumstances. On a cruise ship, the logistics preclude passengers taking any substantial amounts of alcohol anyway. In the short time we've been cruising, we have seen changes with P&O which leave one with the impression that there is an intention to make as much money as possible out of passengers; admittedly, they are in business to maximise their income but penny pinching
  6. Quite pleased to see the restrictions on outlandish clothing, but a little surprised by some of the posts railing against people taking small quantities of alcohol on board. We've previously taken 75cl of gin between us and topped up at a foreign port, just to have the convenience of having the odd tipple as and when one feels like it. Consequently, P&O's new limits of 1L per person at embarkation don't seem unreasonable. I find it difficult to understand the criticism of people with possibly more limited resources who want to spend their hard earned on the benefit of a balcony cabin
  7. Iknowlescourier - thanks for that. We've not had the e-mail, but looking just now at P&O's FAQs, the rules do seem to have changed as you say. One litre bottle at start of cruise per person and that's it.
  8. I've heard rumours that P&O is to stop passengers taking their own small amounts of alcohol for cabin consumption on board as from early next year. Has anyone else heard of this?
  9. I hope they increase the number of UK style power sockets in the cabins during the refit. Our only complaint on Arcadia in September this year was the single 13A socket alongside several European style sockets. This contrasted with our previous experiences on Ventura. If we had known, we would have brought adaptors with us, though the one we bought in Clas Olsen in Stavangar for about £7 was less than half the price of those sold on board.
  10. We are on it too for the first time. The only question I had difficulty resolving was whether Christmas Day is formal - but P&O's Holiday Information Booklet just received, confirms that it is. Looking forward to a Christmas without food shopping (and the inevitable waste) and the other chores that take the edge off the festive season.
  11. Thanks for all the replies, looks like formal wear. Managed to avoid formal on the last three cruises but no escape at Christmas! I'm sure it will be enjoyable anyway.
  12. We are due on Aurora over Christmas and I can't get any firm response from P&O as to whether Christmas Day requres formal wear. It's a sea day, so I'm expecting it, but I'd have thought that Christmas Day is one that should be more of a relaxed atmosphere. I've seen mention elsewhere of passengers wearing Christmas Day T-shirts (something I've not heard of, though Christmas jumpers seem to be increasingly popular), which suggests informality. Any advice from those who have been on P&O over Christmas would be welcome.
  13. We are not long back from the Fjords on Arcadia (September) and found the balcony to be well worth the extra. The weather didn't really permit extensive opportunities for sitting out but being able to watch the scenery in the mornings and evenings made it worthwhile (especially with a G&T in hand). Only problem we had was someone on the adjacent balcony having a cigarette now and again, despite the clear warnings not to do so during the emergency drill.
  14. These surcharges are disappointing as the surcharges on each item quickly add up and are, to my mind, intended as a deterrent. I don't object to a one off charge per delivery - say £5 wouldn't be unreasonable, as the only real additional costs for P&O are the use of a member of staff to take the food to the room and the cooking process. On our recent trip on Arcadia, getting hold of a room service menu was a bit of a battle, though one was eventually forthcoming.
  15. The one thing I'd like to see (on P&O, haven't tried other cruise lines yet) is the availability of more restaurants accepting smart casual dress code on formal nights. I fully appreciate that many people like the formality, but for those of us who prefer to remain casual (but smart), it would be useful to have the option of at least one restaurant, other than the buffet, on formal nights. In a similar vein, it would be beneficial for all (including the cruise line) if formal nights were detailed on the itinerary, so one could book a speciality restaurant in advance if one wished to rema
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