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  1. Well my mother and I were on the Ventura this Xmas and despite the bad weather, we really enjoyed the cruise. The alternative at home would have been far less exciting. As for the entertainment, we rarely watch the production shows because we find most of the guest entertainers are much better. The food isn't brilliant but it hasn't been so for a while on P and O but we met some lovely people, had some great nights and Xmas day was certainly different - but in a good way. The atmosphere was fairly festive, the decorations were superb and our greatest criticism is really only a bit tongue- in-
  2. WE both left ours in our cabin. What were they thinking? The weight alone was a good enough reason to leave them behind but they really were tacky. Couldn't they have given us a nice pen instead?
  3. As a second sitting diner, I would really miss my served afternoon tea. I don't particularly enjoy the buffet option as much - it doesn't have the same 'afternoon tea' feel about it. For first sitting diners I can appreciate it wouldn't be a miss because I wouldn't be able to manage to eat dinner so soon after afternoon tea either....is this just another rumour or has it been confirmed yet? Graphostar
  4. You could always reduce the auto tipping amount to a lesser amount and tip individually as well. It depends on what your budget for tipping is really. Graphostar
  5. HI Furby...you wouldn't think it would have been such a big ask!
  6. Thanks for getting back to me Ray0 - seems they were just paying lip service to the idea of pre-dinner drinks then! And what on earth were they thinking about with the show times! I'm sure you had a great cruise anyway though...
  7. I recently came off a 17 night cruise on Ventura and the guest artists were so good, we only went to two of the ship's theatre shows - can't even remember their name! Annie Lennox tribute - great, Gary Barlow tribute - great, one fantastic comedian and one good one. As you say, not bad for free entertainment. The only downside is the Havana theatre was the venue for some of them - and it's not a good venue.
  8. HI cruiser 66.....as a new solo cruiser, I'm just finding my feet so wasn't aware of tables being set aside for solos at afternoon tea for a start. Nor was I offered the chance of dining with other solos so I was finding it difficult to find other solos to chat to. I don't think asking the entertainment staff to put on a few unhosted pre-diinner drinks meeting times is particularly passive - I personally would rather chat then than over a coffee at 10.00 am. It's a matter of choice isn't it? And if I'm not advised on solo dining options, then how am I to know about them? I understand the coff
  9. Thanks Davybe ...but once again, it's the handling of all the luggage which is a problem for us. My mum is in her late 80's and I have a chronic back problem. To be honest, I wrote the post as a tip but I'm beginning to think it must have read as more of a problem! But thanks anyway.
  10. My mum and I won't fly-cruise therefore won't fly to Southampton simply because of the luggage situation. We don't travel light! And we don't have any male pairs of hands to help us handle the cases so we only have to get the cases onto the coach and then we don't see them again till they're outside our cabin door. It really is the only way for us.....flying is just not an option.
  11. I found catching the coach from Glasgow to travel to Southampton at 4.00 am just too stressful - no sleep at all and a horrendously long trip on the coach. I know some people don't mind it but I decided to drive down to the Lancaster Holiday Inn the day before which was an easy enough drive and stay there overnight. My mum and I had a great night's sleep and the coach picked us up at a civilised 7.00 am and the trip to the ship was far less stressful. On the way back we just stayed overnight before driving home the following day. It was worth the couple of hundred pounds extra and we will be d
  12. I have just recently come off Ventura and everyone's cruise card was scanned as we went in to the muster station - it wasn't an issue at all. Makes perfect sense really from a safety point of view.
  13. You can use your Costa card in all of the bars that serve Costa coffees but on Ventura they only served the free cake on the Atrium Costa deck. Needless to say, this café was always very busy on sea days but on port days you could easily get your coffee and cake. It's best to buy your card early on in the cruise - my mum and I left it a bit late and ended up struggling to use all our drinks which rather defeats the purpose of saving on coffees.
  14. Lol....I'm in bed well before the witching hour at home as well! No wonder we come home more exhausted than we left! It takes us nearly a week to recover....but what a wonderful way to exhaust yourself
  15. Wish my body clock was like that Little Mermaid! But I do manage to stay up fairly late so it's not all bad! I just need my 8 hours..
  16. Hi Little Mermaid....I know that is the point of the coffee mornings - it's just that my mum and I are late risers and would prefer to meet up early evening.
  17. Thanks for your reply afcandrew......I was thinking of a more informal non-hosted event. Say, a ' drop-in' meeting time of any time between 5.00 pm and 8.00 pm to cover both sittings at a specified bar and perhaps different bars on different evenings. I didn't realise you could ask to be seated with other solos for dinner so perhaps Bolsover should be asking this question routinely as part of their solos booking procedure? So thanks for the 'heads up' on that one!
  18. That's great RayO...let me know if it's on the programme....have a wonderful cruise!
  19. Hi All Solo Travellers My mum and I cruise together, as solos, if you know what I mean but have never fancied going to the early morning coffee get-togethers for several reasons really. So when we were on board The Ventura recently we mentioned that we would prefer to meet fellow solos for a pre-dinner drink now and again. The night before we were due to disembark we were told that the idea had been well received and that they were going to give it a try very soon. So, I would love to hear if anyone has seen these events advertised or even better, actually been to one. I won't be back on
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