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  1. Good stuff Bolsover, great to see you have a sense of humour. Jack
  2. Good pictures Richard. Jack
  3. Who thinks Bolsover Cruise Club should really look to build this, maybe they should create a poll for forum members to vote. It could be named 'Bringing Southampton to Bolsover - To Build or Not To Build?'. I know their MD uses this forum, so maybe he'll pick up on this post, I'm sure it would be great fun for both staff and customers For anyone that didn't see here's a web link: http://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/Cruise-Centre-Redevelopment/ And some images they used: All the best Jack
  4. Ha.. ok.. keep us posted on how the online booking goes.. when you get round to it.
  5. The original post was to find out more about online booking not booking with a TA Maybe start a new thread dst87... Booking your cruise with a travel agent - Good or Bad?
  6. Some people can't be bothered to do the research themselves, that's where the agent comes to use. Nothing easier than picking up a phone and getting instant answers, I'd book all my holidays this way if it wasn't down to money. Would also imagine there are many cruisers that don't make use the internet. I admit over the next 5-10 years this will number will decrease. When you book your next cruise with Celebrity direct, please let me know how the process goes.
  7. No concerns as such. I book all land based holidays online and that's because there are savings to be made and I book all cruises through an agent I just wondered what the norm was for others.
  8. Does anybody here have any experience of booking a cruise online? Please share your thoughts. Thanks
  9. So I was planning a family cruise next year with Carnival until I just found out that they are not sailing out of the UK anymore. I find this really disappointing as they look like excellent ships for kids. Does anybody have any experience cruising with Carnival? Is it worth adding a flight to my holiday to sail with them? Thanks Jack
  10. My favourite ships are the Ventura and Independence of the seas. We have also sailed twice with NCL on the Epic and Jewel. Our first cruise was 3 years ago after some friends recommended cruising for families. I doubt we'll ever take a land based holiday again.
  11. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hello all. I’ve recently read a few reviews where people are moaning about children on board their cruise. These cruise reviews were on ships such as P&O’s Ventura and RCI’s Adventure, obvious family ships, sailing during children’s summer holidays. What do these people expect? If they have a problem with screaming children, 1. Book on a ship which is less family orientated. 2. Don’t book your cruise in the middle of the school holiday and 3. If you do insist on 'BOOKING YOURSELF' on to these types of cruises please don’t moan about the children. They are also entitled to a good time.
  13. Hello, just joined the forum today. Jack
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