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  1. Oldworldtraveller


    Returned last Sunday from 5 days on Fred Olsen's new ship Bolette. I have always been a fan of 'Fred' but have to say this ship, ex HAL Rotterdam, really is a step up. The View, name given to the buffet does the most amazing stir fries, you select what you want in it. 2 speciality restaurants, Vasco specialising in Goan Cuisine and free of charge on my cruise and Colours and Tastes specialising in Asian Fusion and costing £5, amazing value for money. The regular 'Fred' venues are on board but so many new ones. So glad to have sampled it, now want to go again.
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  2. DavidH

    How is everyone

    Hi Jenjen, We've completely lost the confidence to book anything new. We do have a cruise booked - Japan and Russia in April 2022 - but that is only because the original date of April 2020 was cancelled due to the first wave of Covid, rebooked for April 2021, then cancelled again. I'm not at all sure it will go ahead in 2022 either, given the current state of play in Japan. However, I do hope you enjoy your trip when it comes around. DavidH
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  3. I just hope they will come up with some reasonable prices. I've looked at solo prices on three of Fred's 2022 cruises and the cheapest is coming up at over £250 per night 😱
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