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  1. Thank you all so much for kind words It does mean a lot, funny we all seem to know each other quite well, maybe we have met in past on our voyages we have all done so many I think maybe they were the peak time when it was extra special
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  2. Our thoughts must be with those poor souls in Beirut with the thousands now homeless. It got me thinking, across the water in Turkey some wonderful cruise ships are being beached for scrap and around the globe there are countless others doing nothing but killing time. Surely to God SOMEHOW these wonderful floating homes could be put to humanitarian use in Beirut?
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  3. So sorry to hear this Jensen, keep positive, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer with just a few months to live. That was in 2011 to everybody’s surprise ( even my surgeons) I am here and cancer free. So don’t give up hope 💕
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