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  1. Oldworldtraveller

    Scarlet Lady

    This is not a ship for the traditional cruiser or someone who wants what is on offer from the current market leaders. It's about creating something new, something the young can enjoy, something they can relate to and something that has a touch of the flamboyant world hot spots about it. 22+ eateries including Razzle Dazzle, a vegetarian restaurant, The Galley where there are many serving areas like a buffet with this difference, someone serves you, so no more people picking up rolls, fruit etc and then putting them back. The Wake Steak and Seafood restaurant and many others. Numerous bars, a 2
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  2. Whilst I can understand the OP's disappointment, I too feel that P&O are not in the wrong. Hopefully the OP had an insurance policy and will receive most of the £4,600 back from that. I am sure P&O are no different to any other cruise line or indeed Hotel chain on land. Best wishes for a swift and full recovery to Mr Stewart's wife.
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  3. RayO

    P&O Loyalty points disgrace

    I cannot agree with the OP on this. Points are given for nights onboard regardless of anything else and clearly there were no nights spent onboard. I had a similar experience in 2016 when we had to cancel a cruise with Celebrity, as my wife had been disgnosed with a serious illness. No points were given, and I did not expect any has we had not spent any nights onboard. A bit unfair to blame P&O as all cruise lines do the same I believe. RayO
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