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  1. Hello all. My first post. I agree with all the above posts relating to infectious diseases. Air conditioning is not mandatory for germs to spread, any captive audience in a confined space will suffice. I was an Engineering Officer with P&O-Orient Line between 1956 and 1963 and remember when a complete deck's accommodation was commandeered as an isolation area, packed with patients with Asian Flu when we docked at Tilbury. I forget the year but the ship was either the Orcades or Oronsay and neither ship was air conditioned at the time. Having said all this I just hope that the crew an
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  2. Good old Donald strikes again. Just as all tourists look forward to finally seeing Cuba he pulls the rug from under them forcing all the cruise lines to dramatically change their cruises, such a shame as I'm sure the poorer people in Cuba would have welcomed the influx of cash from cruise guests. Will it be Mexico next?
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