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  1. harley1

    Hurricane Update on ports!

    Thought this may be useful for anyone travelling to the Caribbean imminently OPEN AT THIS TIME Bahamas Cruise Ports: Nassau; Freeport A hurricane warning for Maria is in effect for the southeastern Bahamas as of September 20. The Port of Nassau, and other ports around The Bahamas, are open. Bahamasair resumed service into the United States on September 12 at Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, Orlando International Airport and Miami International Airport. While airlines are operating international flights out of Grand Bahama International Airport, U.S. c
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  2. Hi I am going to the Caribbean in December and I have never considered cancelling my cruise. I am sure I will enjoy my vacation, there may be a change of ports but the similarities for most of the islands is greater than their differences. I don't mind whether I miss a few ports and have a few more sea days, it relaxing. However, it's your decision and what I do may not be the best thing for yourself
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