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  1. There is a simple reason why P&O restaurants are always full for both sittings - and it is not necessarily because a lot of passengers like set times. It is much easier for cruise lines to operate fixed time dining because they know how many meals to prepare for each sitting. If you opt for a "Saver" fare, you will forfeit the right to demand a dining preference - and P&O will decide when and where they want you to dine. By ensuring that both of the fixed sittings are full, they manage the numbers on freedom dining. In theory, that should prevent excessive queues at peak ti
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    I most certainly do, here are some of my favourites... Honeymoon Beach, St. Thomas... Maho Beach, St. Maarten and Orient Beach, still on St. Maarten Carlisle Bay, Barbados Cane Garden Bay, Tortola ...and as mentioned above, Grande Anse in Grenada. Antigua, St. Lucia and St. Kitts usually sees me below the waves...
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