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    Morning, I just wanted to update you as I did phone to enquire about the flights, surprisingly they were direct with British Airways, leaving Gatwick at 8.25 am and returning into Gatwick at 16.50 pm. There were other airports available at a similar cost (approx £50 more) like Manchester but Gatwick was the cheapest. The bad news is after mulling it over for a few days while we've been away for the weekend I've phoned again last night and all the cheap flight seats are gone It's now only available from Birmingham but we're talking nearly £300 each more! So, the moral of the story kids is if you see a bargain and you want to go....book it there and then! I blame the husband for wanting to 'have a think about it'
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    Ditto! No one has ever asked how much we paid, and I wouldn't tell them if they did. It would only make one of us unhappy and it is no one's business.
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    Fabulous Fjords and the Azura

    Sorry to write this review so late!! You know what it's like, life and work takes over!! How I wish I could go away again.... On Sunday 3rd of July I made my way to Southampton with the family- I had booked my car parking through CPS which was £83 for 8 days and was so stress free. Pulled up, got out, straight into the terminal. We did arrive about an hour before our allocated time on the tickets- purely through lack of traffic (thank god!) I expected a long wait but within half an hour we were having our cards registered and photos taken. Usual lark when you embark- mass queues for life midship, walked further towards the aft and got a lift straight away. I booked a HD grade balcony on the saver fare and I was allocated cabin A724- perfect! right at the back so easily accessible and a great view when sailing. More than happy with the cabin and everything provided- especially the room service pizza, delicious!! We set sail from Southampton in 23 degree heat towards the Norwegian Fjords- and what a surprise we got two days later when we arrived into Bergen- blissful sunshine and not a cloud in sight. I guess we really were lucky! Bergen was a delight with some lovely little shops and cafes - Norway is renown for being 'expensive' however, if you shop about you can find good prices. Clothes and souvenirs are the usual prices and I also visited Pandora and got the sought after Viking charm for my younger sister- much to her delight! Then onto Olden, a quite little village- has a local supermarket and a few shops but is pleasant to walk around. We did the open top bus and managed to the Briskdal Glacier from the distance- very scenic. Gieranger again, delightful weather- was very busy that day but most enjoyable- had a little boat trip around the Gierangerfjord and saw the seven sisters along with the veil waterfall. Last stop- Stavanger- largest of the ports- doesn't have the same intricate feel but still very enjoyable. we didn't do any excursions in Stavanger, just enjoyed our time walking around and doing some shipping- much to the men's disapproval! overall a fantastic holiday- love the Azura and cant wait to do a Caribbean on her. If anyone hasn't been to the Fjords, you should strongly consider it- the views are spectacular on top deck with a large vino!! - as it didn't get dark until about 11.45pm- we used our duvets to pad out the balcony and sat on there with a hot chocolate!! yummy
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    I would like to know where all this information comes from or if it is just hearsay with bits added on here and there. I have been cruising for many years and I have never had a conversation with a cabin steward or waiter regarding what they earn, quite honestly it is none of my business regardless of whether the gratuities I pay makes up part of that persons salary, neither have I ever been asked to mark someone high on a questionaire and it wouldn't make any difference if I was I will always speak as I find and someone would have to be exceptional to receive an excellent. If it was something that bothered me I would be writing to the CEO and asking for clarification and not just a repeat of what is written in the brochure and I would be giving my reasons for asking and if necessary state what HO say and the crew say is vastly different, this only appears to be a problem on P&O ships I don't read the same things about Princess/Celebrity/Cunard .. I wonder why that is
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    Mosquitoes on balcony

    I wasn't suggesting you made it up but I wonder if the insects were something other than mosquitoes. I think as they were stowaways they probably didn't pay the tips. I'd be very put out too if they received Loyalty points.
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    But the 500 quid flight makes it expensive..
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    Personally I rarely mark anything as 'Excellent' as this infers that it cannot be improved on and it is seldom I find anything that cannot be improved so for me Very Good is often the correct category. The other point is if you mark someone as excellent just so they receive their gratuity it means the company can then use this in their advertising literature which can then give a totally false impression of that company thus leading to someone having high expectations of the holiday they have saved all year for and then being disappointed. I prefer to tell it as it is.
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    It is quite clear how the tips are paid out and I quote from the website Quote...The Service Reward Scheme (historically called gratuities) is simply a way to ensure that your ship’s crew are fairly rewarded for the great service they provide you. To make things easier for you, we add a discretionary daily amount which is currently £5.50 (aged 12 years and over) per guest per day to your on-board account. Please be assured that 100% of the amount goes directly to the crew members who serve you and make your holiday memorable, as a ‘thank you’ and it is hugely appreciated. This includes the main restaurant (waiter, assistant waiter and head waiter) and also to your cabin stewards or butler, who will have looked after you whilst you are with us. ....Unquote Brian
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    Gratuities charged differently

    As no one has come forward to confirm the original post one must assume that the gratuities are the same as they have always been and charged by the number of nights on board. Incidentally, one item based on the number of days, or part days, is the Carnival Shareholder Benefit. A cruise of 13 nights will be classed as 14 days and put you in the next higher level of benefit. Brian
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    Fabulous Fjords and the Azura

    The Fjords are somewhere I have never really considered but the more I read and see the more I would like to go. Great review
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    Viking River Cruise Russia

    Flew to St Petersburg ( BA) . Russian immigration officers polite & happy. Luggage taken by Viking staff to our cabin. The cabin was spacious , excellent bathroom . Bottles of water in cabin, replaced when empty (free). Food excellent although I think the waiters could do with some training on service. Tours excellent, most were free. Holiday ended in Moscow, I wanted to see what Russia was really like & I was pleasantly surprised. We visited a school & the children acted as guides ( spoke perfect English )! We visited a typical Russian home where we were made very welcome. Moscow great city. No sign of any socialism. Weather was great as well. I would recommend this cruise to anyone. Viking were great.
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    cruise chef

    Mosquitoes on balcony

    Well the cheek of them, hitching a free ride on your balcony. I'm sure they would not be around for long with the Baltic temperatures though!
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    Captain Kidd II

    Mosquitoes on balcony

    I did wonder if they had laid eggs under the plastic flooring of the balcony which could happen on any ship. I am sure this incident is not a P&O issue more of one where the ship has travelled and the ships maintenance to reduce risk. If it happens again I would report it but wondered if it was a one off.
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    We were on Constellation last spring. She is an older ship, but in very good shape. We like the size and layout of this class of ship, and are sailing on the Millennium, a sister ship in September. Americans seem to be very nervous about Europe at the moment and many are cancelling cruises, so probably last minute space has opened up, leading to some bargain prices.
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    That is an amazing deal, £709 including flights is ace.
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    I do not know where you will depart from but if it is from the UK you will certainly need a passport to get into the USA. The trip sounds good and I hope that if you book it you have a fantastic time.
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    This seems to be a remarkable price I must say. Please do let us know the outcome of the flights kerry304, it certainly is intriguing.
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    Sounds a really good deal, these things always come available when i cant get the time off work! Did you find out who the flights are with Kerry304? Wonder what the supplement is from another airport?
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    We cruised on the 'Connie' for New Year 2008 to the Southern Caribbean. It was a fantastic cruise on a fantastic ship. We loved the layout of the ship and the size, just over 2,000 paxs. The ship has been in service since 2002, however it was just recently refurbished. Sounds like a great deal!
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