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    Monty The Pengiun - The Darkside

    Wow you obviously have a little too much time on your hands there Land Ahoy! It's a shame some people have to search out the negative in everything, even a warm cuddly Christmassy advert!
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    Monty The Pengiun - The Darkside

    Well if Land Ahoy actually did some proper research rather than look at deviant sites then maybe he would have realised that John Lewis know that this penguin breed is on the brink of extinction. The parent penguins leave their young to forage for food. This then ends with the chicks being left to fend for themselves and ultimately to their death! The whole message is about giving and caring and maybe, just maybe this is an intentional bird choice as it is nearly extinct. Through one advert it has raised this issue to the global community. This has in turn started to raise money/adoption requests to get the abandoned chicks the help they need before they are gone forever! "John Lewis has partnered with the wildlife charity WWF to help to protect the Antarctic habitat of Adélie penguins, the species on which Monty and his new companion, Mabel, are based. “All profits from the CD sales of our Christmas advert single, Real Love, by Tom Odell, go to WWF’s Adopt a Penguin programme. Since the campaign launched on 6 November more than 1,500 adoptions have been [requested], a significant increase from this time last year". It took me 2 minutes to obtain this information after reading the OP
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    There's a lot of negativity going on the forum recently. I logged on today to cheer myself up with tales of peoples holiday experiences and photos and all i've read so far is people moaning! I think i'll come back another day
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    Monty The Pengiun - The Darkside

    did monty the penguin just get called a sexual deviant??
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    12 Bakes of Christmas - Day 2 If you enjoyed the Pineapple Upside Down Cake, then feast your eyes on the second seriously naughty recipe, Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding! Learn more on our blog Click here to watch the video >
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    Monty The Pengiun - The Darkside

    a bit extreme
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    Is There Anything You Miss?

    I miss my little dog, but know she is being spoilt rotten with my parents. I also really enjoy a cheese and saladcream sarni on soft bread
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    Land Ahoy

    Seabourn Grows Fleet Further!

    Hi I have only sailed on Seabourn's smaller and older vessels, the cruise experience certainly wouldn't suit everybody. The cuisine, service are all excellent, with plenty of room on board (finding a sun lounger is never a problem). However, those wishing 24/7 entertainment and believe that a large atrium is the bee knees are going to be in for a shock. I don't know how or if the cruise ambience will change in a vessel carrying over double the number of passengers than the ships I have sailed on but I suspect it will still offer excellent cuisine, country house casual attire but add further speciality dining options. These newly ordered vessels are similar in size to those used by Crystal and they still maintain excellent cuisine and attentive service although not as personal as that on the smaller luxury ships.
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    Caribbean Princess

    Our first Princess cruise was on the Caribbean Princess in 2006. I'm sure the ship has changed a bit since then. It was the first time we received a free upgrade from an outside to a balcony. It was an enjoyable ship and we had a very nice Eastern Caribbean cruise. The service was great and the food was not bad. The night life was very good. Also, it was the first time we broke even in a ship's casino! Have a great cruise!
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    Caribbean Princess

    We have booked a Baltic cruise for June, never been on the Caribbean Princess but we have sailed on several of her sister ships. We love princess such a shame the royal princess is just cruising round the uk. If you have ever been on P&O ventura or azura the layout is very similar. If you have been on several P&O cruises you may find you are already in their loyalty program -and receive the benefits. Unfortunately the Caribbean princess still has the 'shopping trolley' shape which puts quite a bit of the deck in shade and can mean a fight for beds in the sun. They are slowly changing them but have not got round to the Caribbean princess yet, but I am sure you will have a wonderful time.
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    Land Ahoy


    Hi I am not too early decorating the house - a week before Xmas is plenty early enough for me, although I have put them up on Christmas Eve after returning from a Caribbean cruise on the 23rd December). For me Xmas doesn't start until I have heard Fairytale of New York by the Pogues on the radio (the same song in Shopping Malls doesn't count!)
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    Joke Of The Day

    Don't you just hate it when you offer someone a sincere complement on their mustache and, suddenly, she's not your friend anymore?
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    Joke Of The Day

    I know its not friday but had to share;; Tried to catch the Fog today.... but i MIST
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    That's a bit judgemental isn't it? Just who are the "right sort of passenger" as I've seen many Lords a Leaping (xmas theme) whilst as drunk as..... erm....Lords.. But going back to the OP..I wonder if any of the fine upstanding members of this forum has ever refused these "freebies" and asked for a cruise price without them. ...
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    Hi Thanks for your input. It's interesting that you think P&O may be thinking of going "all inclusive" or a no frills cruise line. Although there is no right or wrong answer to either cruise style, I prefer a more inclusive nature but I have only experienced this on more expensive cruise lines. I think if the cruise price was cheap it may entice "the wrong type of passenger' to sail i.e those who would drink much more than they should (I've paid for it so I will get my money's worth) and as a consequence see a decrease in the behaviour expected. I accept this may not be case but I wouldn't wish to see whether I am right or wrong.
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    Around here it's kind of a tradition to put up the trees and lights the weekend after Thanksgiving--including us.
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    Land Ahoy

    New Dining

    Hi I do hope you enjoy your cruise. I'm sure you will. Is dynamic dining really as flexible as dst87 suggests I think the big difference between Freedom dining and Dynamic dining is the range of complementary dining options available. Instead of having an MDR but being able to turn up whenever you want, there're loads of restaurants to pick from.) if you have book the alternative dining venues so far in advance in order to avoid disappointment?
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    Always remember there is no such thing as a "free lunch" The price is always built in somewhere and it is not just the cruise industry that is guilty what about BOGOF's for example David E
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    Entering the theatre late , then standing at the back can't be that bad.
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    Best Present Santa Brought You!

    When I was a kid a Davy Crockett coon skin hat. When I was an adult and after becoming a widower, RITA!
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    cruise chef

    Is There Anything You Miss?

    If I dont pack my favourite uk chocolate bar I end up craving it all holiday, when i do pack them most of the time I bring them home unopened, Nothing though can beat Beans or cheese on toast with home made bread from the local bakery.
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    We are on Britannia for 7 nights in May. Looking forward to it. There are many ships that I have no interest in sailing on for various reasons, but I don't feel the need to come on here and slag them off. Each to their own.
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    Top right of page will say "Welcome, daydreamer". Click on that and you will get a pop up. Click on "My content" and everything that you have commented on in the forums will appear. Hope this helps.
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    Thinking Of Princess ?

    As described to me before trying Princess, "Princess is like P&O, but with knobs on." Quite correct. RayO
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