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    Oriana Jan And Feb 2011

    Good morning James. I recognise that little critter, I recall on an Amazon cruise we went on a night time Caiman search... though I was more adept at catching the Sloth... Nice to see your pictures being posted. Brought back some nice memories we had of two legs of Oriana's World Cruise in 1998 starting in Tokyo.
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  2. Good morning Thank you for joining the Cruise Club Forum, we hope you're enjoying being part of our new online community. Over the past few days you may have noticed some topics being moved around, these have not been deleted. We are just moving them into more suitable categories so they can be easily found by other members. If you find that some of your forum posts have been moved you can locate these by clicking on your username at the top of the page and selecting ‘My Content’. You can then choose to show topics that you have started or posts that you have made on other topics.
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  3. ron


    Thanks Annieuk,The reason I asked the question is when I phoned P&O they said wait till you get onboard as they do offer's, typical P&O reply then, I will never learn I am only the customer. Thank's anyway.
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    Hi Blondie My adult son is a full time electric wheelchair user, he is very physicaly disabled needing hoisting, shower chair and specialist feeding. We have been cruising with him since 2003 and have been on Aurora, Azura and Ventura. All 3 ships are very accessible, large staterooms (ventura and Azura also having accessible balcony options)with full wet rooms. You can take your own equipment on board i.e. hoists, shower chair etc and these can be put through the normal luggage process. The staff are amazing and do everything to help. We have just returned from a 4 week back to back cruis
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  6. The3amigos you are never going to have a winner on this topic or any other topic which involves smoking, You will always have the non-smokers (not all) telling everyone how their cruises are totally ruined by somebody else having the cheek to smoke on a balcony, the funniest being I heard one lady at breakfast telling all on her table about it and how bad it was and then go into her cabin opposite mine which was an inside!!!! I expect she wrote a letter of complaint as well. I agree with you the fair way to do it would be to have a set area of balcony cabins for those who wish to smoke but I
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    We sailed on QE2 4 times firstly in 1997 and dined in both Caronia and Mauretania restaurants and the experience got worse the more cruises we did that we never sailed on her again. A very overrated ship with poor facilities and full of people that wanted to live on nostalgia and the snobbery of telling everyone they had sailed on QE2 when she wasnt by any means that good.
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  8. I love Madeira. Loved it so much went on holiday there for a week what a beautiful island
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