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  2. Well England beat Senegal 3-0 and now play France (who knocked out Poland) on Saturday. This will probably be a very tough match for England. Morocco surprisingly drew with Spain and beat them in the penalty shootout so they play Portugal (who easily beat Switzerland) on Saturday 3pm. In the other quarter finals on Friday, Netherlands play Argentina and Croatia play Brazil.
  3. Portsmouth


    Well here we are, it's December 2022 and just 17 days before her maiden voyage with several exciting new features like an escape room, new restaurant, a sky dome, a top-deck rope course & a rum distillery. This ship is powered by LNG. P&O will officially name Arvia, in a beachside ceremony in Barbados on March 16th 2023. The event will be broadcast live online to a global audience. P&O Cruises president, Paul Ludlow said "This naming event, which has never been done before, will showcase our extraordinary new ship Arvia, the beauty of Barbados and will include some very special sur
  4. Have also read quite a few negative observations about the main dining room which is something that should be fixed as you don't normally see the staff looking unhappy. Also read comments about the shows on board but you can't please everyone and a lot of people enjoy relaxing after a meal & watching a show.
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  6. Well of course Brazil are through to the next round playing South Korea who shouldn't really give them too much trouble but they played a second string side last night against Cameroon and were beaten at the last minute 1-0. They were still top of the group. Switzerland beat Serbia 3-2 and will now face Portugal in the next round.
  7. All good advice and wash your hands if you use the handrails going up or down the stairs.
  8. I think for those who are unsure if a cruising holiday is something they will enjoy, then a short 3 or 4 day cruise is an excellent way to start. Gives them a little taster of what to expect without paying too much.
  9. Would you believe it, Japan beats Spain 2-1. They now go to the top of the group and face Croatia in the next round Spain will be playing Morocco in the next round but Germany are out of the competition.
  10. Ok so now we know that Argentina are through to the next round and will play Australia France will be playing Poland in the next round
  11. People putting towels or books on sunbeds to reserve them and yet never seem to use them can be very annoying for those who just want to lie down and relax on a sunbed especially when most of them seem to be taken. I see the original poster made this their only post and never returned to let us know what happened on her cruise.
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  13. P&O Iona has a four screen cinema complex. It would be great if they show the very latest movies.
  14. England got the expected win against Wales and beat them 3-0, they now go on to play Senegal in the next round USA beat Iran and they go through to the next round playing Netherlands. France have Tunisia today that should be an easy win for them & Australia play Denmark Poland play Argentina and if they beat them & Saudi Arabia get lucky and beat Mexico then Argentina will be out of the World Cup but I don't really think that will happen as I believe Argentina will will their match.
  15. Well my thoughts were correct......Winner of 2022, Jill was crowned Queen of the Jungle, with Owen 2nd and Matt 3rd. I've heard that they are moving I'm a Celebrity to South Africa for 2023.
  16. Some people find going on a kitchen galley tour interesting There are lots of different videos on you tube that you can view at leisure.
  17. Tonight we saw, what for many is one of the best trials on I'm A Celebrity........It was the Cyclone, wind water-cannons & balls and it is such a fun trial to watch. Finally we find out who are in the final three....it's Jill, Owen and yes Matt Hancock has made the final 3. I cannot see him winning & have a feeling that Jill will be crowed Queen of the Jungle.
  18. Well today was the day France made it to the next round by beating Denmark 2-1 Argentina beat Mexico 2-0 so they need to beat Poland to make sure they get to the next round Poland beat Saudi Arabia which was to be expected 2-0
  19. I think that Mike, Matt & Jill will be the final three.
  20. Some people might be interested in visiting The Lost Chambers Aquarium I think this might be the largest Aquarium in the Middle East.
  21. Another shock result.....Wales 0 - 2 Iran. Iran scored twice in the very last minutes of the game England were disappointing by being held to a 0 - 0 draw by USA Netherlands drew with Ecuador 1 - 1
  22. What I like about Fred Olsen is that as well as sailing from Southampton, they also sail from ports in the north of England like Liverpool & Newcastle
  23. Thank you for your reply Countrygirl ....even a post saying that you have no interest is better than no replies 👍 Of course many people won't have an interest in football, rugby,cricket etc but for those who take a slight interest in what's happening in the World Cup then this is an update. Shock Result .....Germany got beaten by Japan 1-2, Brazil won their game against Serbia 2-0 and Portugal beat Ghana 3-2 Spain beat Costa Rica 7-0 Tomorrow ( Friday ) England play USA & Wales play Iran
  24. I've been on about 5 mini cruises and have left booking the cruise quite late. On these short cruises I'm not bothered about going for a balcony stateroom and an inside or ocean view suits me fine. I prefer going on a four day cruise to a 2/3 day cruise because you have a bit more time to enjoy the ship and have maybe extra time at another port.
  25. 2 more have gone & still Matt Hancock remains...only five left now,will he make it to the final three ?
  26. Nobody has answered your post from nearly 10 years ago but anyway to reply to your question... I think it depends on which cruise line you are with, Cunard look like they make an effort at Christmas but whether they have hats and crackers at the tables, I just don't know. MSC don't appear to make the same effort with putting Christmas decorations around the ship. Maybe someone who has cruised over Christmas will answer.
  27. Tuesday 23rd November.....so far 3 of the ladies have had to go + Boy George. Somehow Matt Hancock has still stayed in the camp.....obviously more popular than the ones that have gone
  28. I don’t care and don’t watch anything to do with football.
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