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  2. I am pleased to say my first batch were purchased at £22 and sold at just over £50. I moved back in at £9 and sold part of the holding today at £15.21. I am keeping the rest which have now cost me nothing to see how far they increase. I must say I am very happy!
  3. I did also Pesky but then re-purchased when they hit rock bottom Today they closed at 1575.5
  4. Last week
  5. All cruise lines have gone "downhill" in the last few years and the cause of much discussion on many cruise lines. Headline price has never been cheaper since we started cruising 23yrs ago when we paid over £100pppd for cheapest inside cabins on the QE2. The product has changed dramatically but you cannot expect the service and product of yesteryear at today's prices so something has to give. Personally like the optional choice at cost of speciality restaurants and coffee shops but nobody is forced to pay extra costs its just nice to have the choice. In early days there was no choice of dining
  6. I was fortunate to get rid of mine before they fell, it might be a good idea to reinvest..
  7. I wonder what they will do when all electric comes in.... wind turbines at the rear?.
  8. Either way if PandO want to keep their ‘loyal’ clientele they will certainly have to up their game no matter which ship it is on. They have gone downhill with the cruise experience, even during the time I have cruised with them, and as OWT says folk will walk. However cruise lines also have to realise that not everyone wants the ‘butlins at sea’ type of cruise either.... I must admit I wouldn’t mind trying out the zip line 😂although I do wonder how many people realise that they may not be insured if something untoward happens.
  9. Quite agree Sinbad10. All the cruise companies have borrowed eye watering amounts of money and expended large amounts on new ships and it is these new ships that will return the required profits to repay that which has been borrowed. Cruise companies are like any other company, yes they enjoy loyalty but loyalty doesn't pay the bills in many cases. Aurora and Arcadia, built in 2000 and 2004 respectively still have useful life in them but will return much lower profits than the new ships simply because of running costs and will eventually go. P&O have a lot of competition in the large ship
  10. Shares are at last appearing to be on the rise, currently at a sustained rate. Carnival Corp. 35%, Royal Caribbean 40% and Norwegian Holdings 29% over the last month. Lets hope it continues.
  11. And I wouldn't be surprised to see further changes to the P&O product over the next few years David. There will only be Freedom Dining on Iona (and therefore Arvia) and they will only have 1 Formal Night per week, named Gala Night. P&O have so far released very few renderings of Iona's interiors and despite her being handed over some time ago, no photos at all. The few renderings released mostly seem to show thirty-somethings dressed in jeans and t-shirts. My guess is that 6-12 months after Iona starts sailing they do away with Formal Nights altogether due to "customer feedback".
  12. You are not alone. Me too and I have seen the same said by a number of people on other cruise fora. Unfortunately, Carnival Corp has decided to take P&O down the 'pile it high, sell it cheap' path. As I said above, I have a cruise booked on Aurora next year but if they do sell her off before then, I doubt I will cruise with them again. I don't dislike Arcadia but wouldn't have any trust left at all with P&O as a company. It will cost me significantly more but I will move my custom to Fred Olsen who at least (currently) have 4 nice, smaller ships.
  13. I would be very surprised if Aurora is still with P&O at Easter 2023. I have a cruise booked on her for August next year and just hope that she is still in the fleet then. Pre-Covid, I expected Oceana to go when Iona was introduced and Aurora when Gala 2/Arvia came on stream. With the effects of the pandemic crisis likely to last some time, their demise could well come forward sadly.
  14. These things are outside their control in that Carnival Corp have their hands on the rudder. The contract for "Gala 2" as it was previously known was signed a good couple of years ago. She has been slightly delayed as the original plan was for her to be introduced for the Summer 22 season but she has been pushed back to December next year so far.
  15. Earlier
  16. It’s all to do with saving money. The shorter the name the less paint it uses 😂
  17. 2torts

    P & O Arvia

    I can’t say that I like the name of the new ship. In fact at first glance I read it as Arriva & then I put my specs on!😀
  18. We haven't sailed with P&O since disembarking Aurora in Auckland 5 years ago, almost to the day. What we perceived to be declining standards over the years from our very first taste on board Arcadia (was that really around 20 years ago?) and a preference for smaller ships, with more interesting itineraries, have steered us elsewhere. Arvia is unlikely to attract us back. I would never say "never" but most unlikely. DavidH
  19. Well that will be the end of my P & O cruises. We went on a 38 night cruise on Venture last February ( oh those where the days) can’t say I was very impressed with her, much prefer Arcadia
  20. Unfortunately it will see the demise of Arcadia and Aurora if not before she sails but very soon after.
  21. I prefer smaller ones too, for the fans of P & O let’s hope they don’t get rid of the likes of Aurora and Arcadia when they can’t fill the big ones..
  22. Me too David I prefer the smaller ships
  23. Just another one that's too big for my liking. DavidH
  24. Well hopefully there will be some good deals to get it filled.
  25. So who knew P & O we’re having yet another new ship when Iona hasn’t even started sailing. Same size ship apparently as Iona... it does make you wonder how they are going to fill them once cruising starts again.. whilst I say good luck with it I think they should have waited a while personally...
  26. I agree with you but only when comparing like for like cabin grades. As said above, if you normally sail in an inside cabin, the finances really don't work out. If you normally have a balcony and are not tee-total, then the differential is much smaller. If I had chosen an inside cabin for my 19 night Aurora cruise, it would have only cost £2,200. A two week Saga cruise would be more than double that.
  27. Hi David, Yes, all okay with me thanks. Hopefully, once the effects of Covid are behind us fully, we will see prices for most lines start to reduce a bit. Interestingly, I see that Princess Cruises has just announced the sale of its last remaining 'R Class' ship. They haven't disclosed the buyer yet but I wonder if it could possibly be Sycamore for Azamara...
  28. sinbad10

    COVID vaccination

    Travel door to ship is only available if you live no more than 250 miles from Southampton if you do then you have to make own arrangement.
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