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  2. Got a further email today, however, it doesn’t state what platform they are using or whether it can be viewed on an iPad. I also wonder how many of us have an Ethernet cable these days. I wonder if it’s worth the hassle..
  3. Last week
  4. As you say you are already booked on Iona so they don’t need to sell to you. Like you we have been cruising with P & O for many years but only on the small or Adult only ships. Therefore they need to sell Iona to us. Maybe that is why we received the invitation.
  5. Thank you afcandrew. Needed manipulation to change the angle of the wrist (thank goodness for entinox) & then replastering. Next appointment should be in 4 weeks.
  6. We had an invite and are waiting for the link.
  7. We have a cruise booked on Iona and have done well over 30 cruises with P&O but we havent received the e-mail. Obviously P&O dont understand about loyalty or at least expect you be loyal to them but not return it.
  8. As ever with P&O Marketing and IT, it is anyone's guess as to the rationale behind who has been sent the email. I got one, which goes to prove there's no monitoring of their social media as I have made it clear that Iona doesn't interest me. I have however accepted the invitation - but did wait until the shut-off date so as to hopefully not deprive anyone who is keen to go on her. I am interested in the naming ceremony but don't expect to ever sail on her.
  9. Just downloaded the NHS app and it’s showing both my Covid vaccines.
  10. It should go live on 17th May, that’s why it is not showing your Covid jabs at the moment ( but don’t hold your breath)
  11. No not everyone has received the e-mail and only a selective few have received the e-mail.
  12. Thanks oldworldtraveller. Back to hospital on Wednesday.
  13. We received the email & accepted the invitation. Now we have to wait for a link on Sunday to watch the ceremony. We’ll have a look as it’s the nearest we’ll get to a live launch.
  14. I also received the email from P & O.
  15. An email came through from P and O sending a link to say if you were interested. I thought it was a generic one.
  16. not everyone has been given the opportunity.
  17. Is anyone else going to log into the naming ceremony on May 16th, well Line of Duty has finished and there isn’t much else scheduled on tv.... 🙂🙂
  18. It’s a shame that the cards that are issued with details of each vaccine issued can’t be used as proof of vaccination. At least it fits into a purse or wallet.
  19. Hopefully for those that havent got a smartphone you will be able to phone 119 to be sent a paper copy from the NHS.
  20. I understand that as far as proof of vaccination is concerned it will be available on the NHS app on your smart phone.
  21. Hi 2torts, I wish you a speedy recovery, never nice to break bones. I had my 2nd jab start of April and was lucky in that I had no ill effects on either jab.
  22. Earlier
  23. Yes thank you. Just a bit achy now.
  24. Oh no - how rotten. Hope the pain is easing now and that you are feeling on the mend.
  25. Sorry to hear your news keep taking the pain killers, on the positive side you have had your 2nd Jab. I get my on the 12th May (must make sure I don’t fall over)😷
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