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  2. As things are looking at the moment, I would hazard a guess that Rotterdam is quite possibly going to be off-limits too. I would think it possible that there will be further changes to your itinerary but with Iona being a large ship, their options for replacements are limited. If so, P&O may well be forced to offer refunds.
  3. Hi Clarrie, You may find this helpful. It is taken from a recent article posted on Cruise Critic following Celebrity Millenium's first post-covid sailing in the Caribbean. "We visited three ports -- Aruba, Curacao and Barbados -- and in two, we were allowed to explore on our own. In Barbados, we had to participate in a ship-offered shore excursion if we wanted to leave the vessel. The requirement came from the port, rather than Celebrity, which will be the case for all cruises at least in the short term, as the destinations dictate the rules for keeping citizens safe. A ca
  4. Has anyone managed to get off the ship and explore independently yet in the Caribbean.I keep hearing you are restricted to excursions.
  5. P and O informed us yesterday that our cruise to N Europe on Iona will be no longer stopping at Hamburg due to COVID restrictions. Our new port will be Le Harve . They have also altered the dates we were docking at the other ports. Rotterdam for 2 days and Zeebrugee. All booked excursions will obviously have to be altered and possibly a new one booked for !e Harve. We are wondering if another port is changed, so 2 out of the 3 ports are altered if we will be allowed to cancel with full refund. Cruise was booked in Oct 19 on p and o launch day long before COVID 19. P and O informed us
  6. With the covid rules and the pre booking online for shows etc on P&O if you do not have a smart phone then you are virtually scuppered. Booking covid tests for arrival back in the UK is also a minefield.
  7. As anticipated above, received an email from Holland America Line on Thursday evening advising me that they have decided not to visit Asian ports in the early part of 2022. Consequently, our Japan and Russia cruise has been cancelled for a third time and they will automatically rebook us for April 2023. Not at all sure that we will go ahead with that but await contact via Bolsover once they have details of what we are being offered. Oh well, at least we're flying out to Gran Canaria today. DavidH
  8. hello, how can i solve this problem with this page showing? eyeg
  9. Hi Jenjen, Good for you. Hopefully the cruise will be a success and you may feel like trying a solo run from Southampton. I've done quite a few cruises solo since my partner died in 2012. I must admit that the first sailaway from Southampton after Tony died was tough but some lovely nearby friends came down to Mayflower Park to wave me off. I think some of the things we have been used to will have disappeared for ever but I am hopeful that the Captain's Cocktail night will reappear on most of P&O's ships. The two new ones carry 5200+ pax, so I doubt there ever was going to be the
  10. Hi Jenjen, We've completely lost the confidence to book anything new. We do have a cruise booked - Japan and Russia in April 2022 - but that is only because the original date of April 2020 was cancelled due to the first wave of Covid, rebooked for April 2021, then cancelled again. I'm not at all sure it will go ahead in 2022 either, given the current state of play in Japan. However, I do hope you enjoy your trip when it comes around. DavidH
  11. Hello Jenjen. We’re taking our grandson (& his parents) on their first cruise next year to Norway. Hopefully by then most things will be back to how they used to be. I would like them to experience some of the little touches that make a cruise a bit special such as chocolate on the bed at night although I fear that now some things like that have gone they will be quietly dropped forever.
  12. Hi to all the regular forum members cruising seems to be starting up again I have booked a cruise with my Grandson next year having lost my husband thought I should make the cruise different so doing a fly cruise to Malta just 7 nights it’s a start I think things are different I see the Captains cocktail party is going to be remote so all done over the PA anybody experienced this yet
  13. Good to hear you enjoyed the cruise. I was due to sail on her earlier this year which was of course cancelled. I have no doubt the ship is lovely but unless future prices come down from what they have advertised recently, I doubt I will be booking. I've looked at a number of itineraries to sail solo and prices have been between £250 and £300 per night for an inside cabin! I don't do spicy foods so the choice of alternative restaurants is disappointing for me. I'm sure I would find something to eat in Colours & tastes but my choice would be limited. It would have been nice to have one
  14. We like Fred. A good positive review so another ship to consider in the future.
  15. Returned last Sunday from 5 days on Fred Olsen's new ship Bolette. I have always been a fan of 'Fred' but have to say this ship, ex HAL Rotterdam, really is a step up. The View, name given to the buffet does the most amazing stir fries, you select what you want in it. 2 speciality restaurants, Vasco specialising in Goan Cuisine and free of charge on my cruise and Colours and Tastes specialising in Asian Fusion and costing £5, amazing value for money. The regular 'Fred' venues are on board but so many new ones. So glad to have sampled it, now want to go again.
  16. Hi All I have a cruise coming up around the UK, I need to buy some more makeup, I was wondering if this colour would be suitable for a cruise? I'm thinking around this pallet
  17. Hi, I had it happen a few months back I emailed p and o and it was because I hadn’t updated my details recently. They did it for me and I was reinstated.
  18. I would set the account up again using my Peninsular Club membership number and see what happens. If the points do not show email P&O.
  19. Hi all, Iv been on several P and O cruises (loyal customer haha) went on to my account online to see how many peninsular club points I have and I can not find it, just says I need to set up loyalty but I was able to access this information a few years ago, any help would be great. Thanks
  20. I watched a live-stream of Iona's Maiden Cruise departure last night. Again, extremely low key. Just a lone Piper to see her off, no fireworks or streamers. According to some social media posts, nothing much happened on-board either. Apparently there will be more celebration when she moors off the island of Iona but a bit sad to see a ship leave port on her maiden without any sort of ceremony...
  21. Ships TV has live coverage, with commentary, of Iona and Disney Magic leaving Southampton at 18:00 today. http:// https://youtu.be/kwdx6YgLTSw
  22. Sorry for the delay!! Yes, normal staffing, just these 'restaurant hosts' who are a poor option.
  23. A friend has been on Virtuosa and said he had a good time, especially with the reduced capacity. Virtuosa and then Fred - very contrasting cruises to compare. Look forward to hearing about your experiences.
  24. 13 days time and I should all being well be on Virtuosa. Will be interesting to see what is new and how the healthy protocol operates. Then it's Fred Olsen next month so something to compare it with. I see 2 passengers were not allowed back on a Celebrity ship on the other side of the Atlantic after disobeying the health rules by going ashore by themselves.
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