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  2. Sorry for the delay!! Yes, normal staffing, just these 'restaurant hosts' who are a poor option.
  3. A friend has been on Virtuosa and said he had a good time, especially with the reduced capacity. Virtuosa and then Fred - very contrasting cruises to compare. Look forward to hearing about your experiences.
  4. 13 days time and I should all being well be on Virtuosa. Will be interesting to see what is new and how the healthy protocol operates. Then it's Fred Olsen next month so something to compare it with. I see 2 passengers were not allowed back on a Celebrity ship on the other side of the Atlantic after disobeying the health rules by going ashore by themselves.
  5. A friend of mine is doing one on Iona in August, I will post his comments when he gets back
  6. Glad you enjoyed your cruise and especially good to hear you felt safe on board. Interesting comment about the restaurant managers. Were the majority of the restaurant and bar waiters still from India?
  7. I was one of the lucky ones to join Britannia on the first cruise after the lockdown period. I have to say that I felt very safe and secure, from the excellent Eavesway coach trip down to Southampton, through the health screening prior to boarding, the boarding experience and then the cruise itself. There are one or two things that we have to get used to: facemasks whilst indoors except in bars and restaurants: regular hand sanitation: acceptance that some activities are currently off the itinerary. These only mirror what is happening on dry land but add to the feeling of safety. My only d
  8. Aurora still on sale for cruises up to Jan 2023. The two 50 night ones I am referring to are indeed early next year.
  9. I usually request a table of solos. Always been fine so far.
  10. I hope you mean 2023 because we’ve got one booked on Aurora in September 2022 & there are others on sale for later that year. We’re hoping there will be some on Aurora in June 2023 that are about 2-3 weeks long to celebrate our golden wedding.🛳😎
  11. I did a solo cruise a few years back, it was a table of couples and they didn’t speak to me for the whole cruise until the last night… so much for a bubble.. it seems too much of a hassle to cruise at present, might leave it until 2023… 🙁
  12. The only line I have heard that is definitely doing this is Fred Olsen. Don't know whether any other lines are so far... With P&O, I believe you have to book your restaurant (including the mdr) using their new on-board 'app'. I don't think there's any fixed dining.
  13. I understood that you formed a "Table Bubble" which is great if you happen to like the people on your table and you all have the same likes and dislikes.
  14. From what I've seen elsewhere, it appears Aurora will be doing two 50 night cruises. I was hoping that she would do some shorter ones for those of us who do wish to sail on the larger ships...
  15. Sailing on Saga will spoil you for P&O! 😀. Would love another cruise with Saga but now they have gone 'boutique' and all-balcony cabins, the prices are outwith my budget...
  16. Well done, guys!! At least somebody has posted on here. DavidH
  17. Hi All I received an email yesterday to the effect that Aurora cruises for late 2022 would be on sail early July. The thing with new cruises starting off is the majority of them state that you can only mix with people you are travelling with, not so good for a solo traveller… hope you are all ok 🙂
  18. I am sure those onboard all the ships that are sailing will have an enjoyable time. I was due to have been on Virtuosa last Saturday out of Southampton but I was cancelled. Like other cruise lines they had assumed they would, after the 21st June, be able to sail 50% full but with Boris continuing the restrictions this brought them back to the 1,000 maximum. 2,000 of us were cancelled. Now due to sail end of July. Also due to be on Freds new ship, Bolette, in August but with Scottish cruise ports closed to cruise ships not sure what will happen. At least on a positive note with ships insi
  19. Morning, it is good to see there is somebody out there. I agree I watch Britannia sail out on the “Solent Ship” live you tube site. Our cruise on Arcadia in November was cancelled last week, we were not surprised but still disappointed. It makes us wonder if the plan to sell the last two small ships Arcadia and Aurora. We have now booked a cruise for September 2022 with Saga with the discount on offer it was a good deal, so worth a try.
  20. Good to see P&O (amongst others) setting sail again with Britannia leaving Southampton today with 927 pax aboard. I am very ambivalent about cruising with Covid restrictions in place and am not keen on the larger ships which are being used. That said however, I really hope all goes well, that the pax on board have a great time - and that the weather improves for them!
  21. I can understand that sinbad. Thanks. I do however think they could have had a contingency with some compact pyrotechnics on the quayside to set off at the bottle-smash.
  22. I personally thought they did a good job bearing in mind there was no live audience to give it atmosphere and the weather was less than kind.
  23. Apparently the fireworks were cancelled due to the inclement weather.
  24. I must say that I was very underwhelmed. Half the ceremony was advertising for their various partnerships. I thought the ship was poorly lit and was very surprised that there weren't any fireworks. On the plus side, the tech worked very well!
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